Seven Seconds of Pandemic Theatre

PCR testing has driven a false narrative of fear related to an influenza like illness sold to the world as a deadly pandemic. A few recent discussions on the issue are shared below.

Dr Roger Hodkinson, Pathologist. “I have a number of important messages for you, resulting from this unprecedented horror show: the worst in medical history. I am viscerally outraged at this totally unnecessary, grotesque human tragedy … This is a pandemic of fear. Fear that was intentionally driven by two major factors. The notorious PCR test and the viciously effective silencing of any counter-narrative“.

Dr Clare Craig, Pathologist, explains in basic terms here, why the PCR test is not diagnostic of illness or infectiousness.

Norman Fenton, PhD Mathematician and Professor of Risk Information Management presented at the Panda Open Science Session on 4 January 2022. He also spoke to Robert F Kennedy Jr, at The Defender podcast of 18 April 2022. “We know that [in] most asymptomatic people, a positive PCR test, which is counted as a Covid ‘case’, a Covid hospitalisation and a Covid death if that happens to be what happens to those people, were not actual Covid cases … This is where I started to really challenge the narrative and when I started to come under attack“.

Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor and founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection gave the following testimony relating to the 1918 Spanish Influenza pandemic, to the Corona Investigative Committee’s Grand Jury trial in February 2022. The Investigative Committee are setting in motion plans for a class action law suit based on PCR test fraud.

Pandemic theatre only took seven seconds to reach a sudden end here.

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