The problématique

Some years ago I was horrified and disgusted when two Australian politicians were overheard at a climate change summit, joking about rising sea levels affecting island nations in the Pacific Ocean. Their homes were about to disappear under water and our representatives were joking about it!

It now seems as though the joke wasn’t about loss of land or life, but about fraud.

Firstly, does ice melting in water increase the volume?

Secondly, is the ocean actually rising?

The horror show of Covid has caused so much unnecessary carnage. Could it also have exposed the possible scenario of junk science being used by a self-serving political class for many decades and on multiple issues, to propagandise the masses? It is no secret that a fearful population is a compliant population.

Geologist Gregory Wrightstone speaks here about the abuse of science in relation to climate change.

They start with the conclusion. And then they fit the data or the statistics to match that conclusion. It’s abuse of the scientific process … In case after case and item after item, we’re being lied to. We’re being told X when the science says it’s Y. We’re being told sea level rises are accelerating and dangerous. It’s rising, yes, but at the same rate of 120-130 years ago … We’re in a warming trend that started 300 years ago … Cycles of warming and cooling … Each of those warming trends were associated with hugely beneficial events for mankind. Food was bountiful … They were warmer than today…“.

The UN’s promoting fear and alarm over a non-existent climate crisis“.


Sally Beck’s article Evil agenda behind ‘the great reset’, 19 April 2022, goes some way to answering the question. She reviews the video They’re More Evil Than You Think, which I shared at Imagining Evil on 22 April 2022. In this short documentary, George Gammon revealed and discussed documents from the World Economic Forum and the Club of Rome over the past 50 years.

The actual problématique appears to be the monsters in control of the circus.

15 April 2020: New island replaces old one near Cape Point

Two years after a newly formed North Carolina island was lost to storm surge, a new one appears to be rising in its place on the Outer Banks, park officials said.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore said the nearly 100-foot long (30 meters long) formation was discovered Sunday, about a quarter of a mile south of Cape Point. It’s in the same area where Shelly Island showed up on a NASA satellite in the fall of 2016, officials said.

According to the National Park Service, the sandbar could either continue growing in size or get washed away with the next storm swell.

One thought on “The problématique

  1. I totally believe the current boogeyman (I mean, “crisis”) is just as much a CON JOB as all the other boogeymen (I mean, “crises”) they’ve been scaring the chickens of the world with for the last how many years! If they can keep the people in fear, they can more easily control them. Good reason to reread through the whole bible, finding every place where God says, “Fear not”, or something meaning the same thing. So far, since October, I’ve found nearly 200 places. Do we need to fear the current boogeyman (I mean, “crisis”)? Absolutely NOT!! We need to put our trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, and not be afraid.


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