Imagining Evil

A feature of humanity seems to be that those with good or neutral intent cannot easily imagine there are those with ill intent. Why else did millions board trains and comply with instructions all of the way into the gas chambers of Nazi Germany? Or the entire city of Phnom Penh evacuate to the countryside in a few brief days in 1974? They surely could not have imagined the reality of what they were complying with?

I also could not have imagined what I now believe is happening, had I not understood that events unfolding in the name of “public health” were going against even the most basic public health principles. PANDA’s Twenty Lies article highlights the most significant transgressions occurring under a guise of “keeping us safe”. All the while having quite the opposite effect.

Why do people with public health training and experience comply with harmful interventions contradicting what they know? I’ve pained over this for two years and counting. Some perhaps, have ill intent or are comfortable knowing about and complying with ill intent. Others however, likely cannot imagine that there is ill intent behind what they comply with. To keep their job, their career, protect their lifestyle and family, they continue to comply with things which they know at some level, make no sense. Ultimately protecting noone.

New Zealands Voices For Freedom are running a three part series on Money and the Financial System, over the next three weeks. Part One aired two nights ago: What is Money?, with banker/financier, Farzin, a member of the freedom movement in New Zealand. This is a complicated topic but the biggest preparation for the so-called “reset” coming our way, according to Farzin in this session, is to reduce personal debt as much as possible.

Jessica Rose holds degrees in mathematics, immunology, computational biology; and two post-doctoral degrees, in molecular biology and biochemistry. She has spent the past two years researching the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) of the USA, in order to make the data accessible to the general public. She gives many interviews speaking on the topic. Most recently on this Geopolitics and Empire podcast.

I’m a vaccine proponent. Of course. We all are. This name calling ad hominem bullsh*t is just another very clear signal that nothing here is right, and it’s not about science.

Dr Rose calls on people to look back in history at humans doing bad things to other humans, to realise that something bad is happening. “The exposure of, and the presence of, fraud. The whole thing has been completely un-science based. Continues to be so. I’m kind of flabbergasted that it’s still able to continue. Its so clear and evident … This mantra of safe and efficacious is such baloney“. She suggests the same perpetrators involved in the Thalidomide tragedy are probably involved today.

Another recent interview is Robert F Kennedy Jr talking with Christine Dolan and L Todd Wood at a Red Voice Media podcast. Kennedy articulates pharmaceutical industry corruption with precision.

[Bill Gates] was controlling WHO to push the vaccines and at the same time privately investing in the companies who make these vaccines and investing in vaccine facilities. He and Fauci knew from the beginning, as did the entire cartel, that it was critical to kill early treatments … [which] were going to compete with vaccines. But more important … a little known federal regulation says you cannot grant emergency use authorisation for a vaccine if there is an existing drug, approved for any purpose, that is demonstrated effective against the target disease … the entire vaccine enterprise would have fallen to pieces.

Back in 2002-2010, billions of dollars was put into SARS, also a Coronavirus … they knew Zinc and Vitamin D were effective and efforts went into suppressing these. They also knew Hydroxychloroquine was effective because NIH published a study showing it acted as both a vaccine and a cure, it was a miracle drug. A sixty year old drug, safer than Aspirin, given to billions of people around the world over 60 years. So this was very bad news ...

Hydroxychloroquine was available over the counter, all over the world. Governments began reclassifying it early in January 2020. From an essential, over the counter, no-prescription medication. To a Class A poison. All over Africa there were reports of trucks coming to villages, to cities, buying out Hydroxychloroquine supplies and burning them … One of the biggest producers in the world, a Taiwanese factory, had a mysterious arson. Other factories in our country also were burned. Sanofi and other drug companies were persuaded to donate their entire inventory of Hydroxychloroquine to the (US) National Emergency stockpile … And Fauci made it off limits, so it wasn’t available …

Then you had Bill Gates, Jeremy Farrar at Wellcome Trust, and NIH funding studies all over the world using lethal doses. In some cases, five times the prescribed dose of Hydroxychloroquine and later, Ivermectin. In order to kill people. To demonstrate it was “dangerous”. In fact in Brazil, Brazilian prosecutors are now prosecuting for homicide, researchers involved in one of those studies …

Tony Fauci masterminds this crusade to discredit Ivermectin as a horse medication. That’s like saying antibiotics are a horse medication because of course, it works on the same biological pathways on all animals…

Ivermectin won the Nobel Prize, not as a horse medication but as a human medication…”.

They’re More Evil Than You Think (this is the YouTube link with over 30,000 views – below is a Rumble version of the same documentary in case YouTube remove it), is a twenty minute outline of the World Economic Forum’s history. It shows their documented intent around reducing the world population and human consumption under the guise of “sustainability” due to the theory that we have limited resources combined with limitless population growth. Thomas Malthus first touted this theory in the 18th century, and the sentiment has become known as “Malthusianism”. The theory completely ignores the capacity of humans to innovate, which only improves as living standards improve.

The problem can only be solved by a one world government. This is where Mister Henry Kissinger comes into play. Someone who is extremely influential to Klaus Schwab. He was one of his teachers at Harvard … Then in 1980 Kissinger gave a speech at the World Economic Forum, where he said that the world’s problems would only be solved by a global government … Very consistent with The Great Reset agenda … The enlightened few at the top have to make decisions for the entire globe, for humankind … They are central planners … with a belief that a few people are smarter than everyone else, and they should be calling the shots on the entire global population …“.

He shows a World Economic Forum document in which models purport to show that the world is going to run out of resources and how to address this by creating “external enemies in common”, such as pollution, global warming, water shortages and famine, to convince the world to agree with “solutions” involving changes to human attitudes and behaviours. To those following the Malthusian philosophy, this means reducing the human population and reducing our consumption.

You’ve got to understand their world view, to understand how we can push back and make sure that their objectives don’t come to fruition. Because their objectives involve the global population, 7 billion people, being micro-managed by the global elite. Like cattleThe only thing that will happen with a centralised approach is potentially the destruction of the global economy as we know it. And potentially billions of people losing their lives“.

The largest owner of farmland in the USA now, is Bill Gates. He promotes the idea that meat should no longer be consumed, with artificial meat and insects being touted as good protein alternatives for us all. Perhaps there are always this many fires and explosions at American food production and distribution plants?

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