The Mysophobic Takeover

The negative impacts of face masks and lockdowns on children are discussed eloquently by Dr Mark McDonald, a child psychiatrist and author of “The United States of Fear”. He describes in horrifying detail, the loss of language development in young children who can no longer watch mouth and tongue movements of those around them. He states that his concerns now are worse than he thought a year ago. “We are already seeing children lose the capacity to speak because of chronic masking; we are already seeing the loss of brain development due to children living in isolation. CDC are lowering the bar for child development so that if you’re two years behind, you’re normal. So rather than admit that they’ve caused a complete collapse of the development of childrens’ brains, they’re just redefining what a normal brain is!“. The full podcast (17 minutes) is available here.

Researchers from Hull York Medical School in the UK have found 39 different airborne microplastics in human lung tissue taken from 11 of 13 tissue samples. Whilst a link is not confirmed, 23% of the microplastics found were propylene, which is also the most common form of microplastic used in face masks. It was previously thought that only particles smaller than 3 micrometres could be inhaled into the tiny alveolar sacs at the bottom of the lungs, but particles in this study were up to 1,410 micrometres or 1.4 millimetres in length. “Epidemiologist Boris Borovoy and I were the first (that we were aware of) to warn in peer-reviewed research of this health hazard from inhaled microplastics and nano-plastics coming from disposable surgical masks“. (Dr Colleen Huber)

Epidemiologist and evidence based medicine expert, Dr Paul Alexander, has compared 167 studies and articles on the use of face masks to confirm “To date, the evidence has been stable and clear that masks do not work to control the virus and they can be harmful and especially to children“.

Associate Professor of Microbiology, Dr Beny Spira, in this peer reviewed article of April 2022, concluded “While no cause-effect conclusions could be inferred from this observational analysis, the lack of negative correlations between mask usage and COVID-19 cases and deaths suggest that the widespread use of masks at a time when an effective intervention was most needed, i.e., during the strong 2020-2021 autumn-winter peak, was not able to reduce COVID-19 transmission. Moreover, the moderate positive correlation between mask usage and deaths in Western Europe also suggests that the universal use of masks may have had harmful unintended consequences“.

Sadly thousands of researchers and clinicians such as Doctors Spira, Alexander, Huber and McDonald, find themselves in direct conflict with the world’s most powerful man who wants us all to continue wearing face masks. This statement is taken from his recent book How to Prevent the Next Pandemic: “The benefit of masks has now been proven around the world“. He provides zero references for his claim. In Choice Quotes from Bill Gates’s New Book, Jeffrey Tucker states “So yes, I’m sorry to report that the entire book is a study in mysophobia, more worthy of study by a student of abnormal psychology than a public health official, much less a scientist. That no one has ever pointed this out to him is a disgrace. It’s the trouble with being so rich that you become uncriticizable“.

The background of Bill Gates is outlined in RF Kennedy Jr’s own bestseller, The Real Anthony Fauci. It is hard to find an excerpt more worthy than any other in this referenced exposé of egos, fraud, criminality and abuse. The history of medical education and the way it was captured by the pharmaceutical industry is particularly interesting. I have often wondered why children are left to face starvation and exploitation by the many millions, whilst privileged “humanitarians” contribute in ways that often seem superficial and self-serving. A safe place to live, clean water and adequate nutrition must surely come first?

The below excerpt follows a brief section titled The Microsoft Monopoly, which describes the case against Gates for violations of anti-trust laws which he was sued for in 1998. In this trial the judge stated “[Gates] has a Napoleonic concept of himself and his company, an arrogance that derives from power and unalloyed success“.

From The Real Anthony Fauci, by Robert F Kennedy Jr:

The Rockefeller-Gates Nexus

A century earlier, America’s first billionaire, John D. Rockefeller, had blazed his own wildly successful exit ramp from public loathing, bad press, and antitrust prosecution by launching a medical philanthropy…

Practically from his nativity, Bill Gates began coordinating his foundations’ giving with the Rockefeller organisation.  In 2018, Bill Gates made the salient observation that “Everywhere our foundation went, we discovered the Rockefeller Foundation had been there first”.

At the twentieth century’s dawn, Rockefeller’s sanguinary manouevering – including bribery, price-fixing, corporate espionage, and creating shell companies to conduct illegal activities – had won his Standard Oil Company control of 90 percent of US oil production and made him the richest man in world history with a net worth of over half a million in today’s dollars.  Senator Robert Lafayette excoriated Rockefeller as “the greatest criminal of the age”.  The oil magnate’s father, William “Devil Bill” Rockefeller, was a marauding con artist who supported his family by posing as a doctor and hawking snake oil, opium, elixirs, patent medicines and other miracle cures.  In the early 1900s, as scientists discovered pharmaceutical uses for refinery by-products, John D. saw an opportunity to capitalise on the family’s medical pedigree.  At that time, nearly half the physicians and medical colleges in the United States practiced holistic or herbal medicine.  Rockefeller and his friend Andrew Carnegie, the Big Steel robber baron, dispatched educator Abraham Flexner on a cross-country tour to catalog the status of America’s 155 medical colleges and hospitals.

The Rockefeller Foundation’s 1910 Flexner Report recommended centralising America’s medical schooling, abolishing miasma theory, and reorienting these institutions according to “germ theory” – which held that germs alone caused disease – and the pharmaceutical paradigm that emphasised targeting particular germs with specific drugs rather than fortifying the immune system through healthy living, clean water and good nutrition.  With that narrative in hand, Rockefeller financed the campaign to consolidate mainstream medicine, co-opt the burgeoning pharmaceutical industry, and shutter its competition.  Rockefeller’s crusade caused the closure of more than half of American medical schools; fostered public and press scorn for homeopathy, osteopathy, chiropractic, nutritional, holistic, functional, integrative, and natural medicines; and led to the incarceration of many practicing physicians.

Miasma vs Germ Theory

This section provides a detailed outline of the difference between these two theories, being:

Germ – Microscopic organisms are to blame for all disease and must be identified and poisoned.

Miasma – emphasises fortifying the immune system through nutrition and by reducing exposures to environmental toxins and stresses, as a weakened immune system will be targeted by germs. The world is teeming with microbes, many of them beneficial and almost all of them harmless to a healthy, well-nourished immune system. (P.285)

[This section also includes this diagram:]

Kennedy surmises on P.288 “As a final side note, it seems to me that a mutually respectful science-based, evidence-based marriage incorporating the best of these two clashing dogmas would best serve public health and humankind”.

Fauci and Gates; Germ Theory as Foreign Policy

The arcane conflict between germ and miasma theorists has important resonance for public health policy in the developing world, where many policy advocates fiercely protest that a dollar spent on food and clean water is far more effective than a dollar spent on vaccines. As we shall see, the Gates/Fauci militarised approach to medicine has precipitated an apocalyptic battle on the African and Asian continents between the two philosophies in a zero-sum game that pits nutrition and sanitation against vaccines in a life-and-death conflict for resources and legitimacy. The historic clash between these warring philosophies offers a useful framework for understanding Bill Gates’s and Anthony Fauci’s approach to public health. In order to assess the effectiveness of their mass-vaccination projects, we would need a disciplined accounting that compares health outcomes in vaccinated populations to similarly situated unvaccinated cohorts. This is the kind of accounting that neither of these men has been willing to provide. The facts suggest that it is the absence of such reliable metrics and science-based analysis that allows Gates and Fauci to get away with their dubious claims about the efficacy and safety of their prescriptions …


Whilst my heart breaks to witness a pandemic industry overtaking the ability of the world’s poorest to survive and instilling even more power to the most corrupt, I wonder what attention it is that he seeks?

And given that masks don’t work against viral transmission, and are known to be harmful, I wonder why those in power tell us to keep wearing them?

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