The Bodies of Others

This report from The Vancouver Times claims that the Vice President of Pfizer has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of fraud. “A judge has granted a media blackout on request of Rady’s lawyers, and Google is suppressing search results. Rady faces life in prison if convicted“. If it is true, then the beginning of justice may have arrived much sooner than I expected.

This is from Pfizers own product information. Why was it denied?

The Covid-19 “vaccines” were not tested in pregnant or breastfeeding human women during the trials. Rather, at 42 days into pregnancy, the autopsied foetuses of 44 injected French rats were reported to have no effects. “We are hearing stories anecdotally from brave obstetricians or retired government officials, saying women are having absolutely catastrophic outcomes with their pregnancies, there is at least one baby that died … the spike protein appears to be emerging in breastmilk. There’s failure to thrive, spontaneous abortions, miscarriages, foetal deaths … placenta not normally affixing to the uterus… There’s dysregulation of women’s reproductive systems… Everyone who’s supposed to care about womens health and reproductive health … are silent …

I’ve seen the internal documents, they were leaked to us, of the scripts that doctors are obligated to follow. And it’s not just the doctors, it’s the people checking women in, calling women to come to their appointment. They’re all supposed to hound, berate, shame, and harrass the pregnant woman to get vaccinated. And why do they do it? … These licensing boards are making it very clear to doctors … that they will be de-licensed unless they hound, badger, harrass, demean women and patients … they will get de-licensed for disinformation… There’s money flowing directly from Pfizer to these licensing boards… Money flowing from Pfizer and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, invested in these vaccines, to CDC, FDA, NIH. So there are conflicts that keep the truth from being told about these vaccines“.

The level of harm seems incalculable. Those arguing that safety data was incomplete or worrying, and working with the vaccine injured who have been irreparably harmed and abandoned, are labelled “anti vaxxa” and shut down. This alone should be a signal that something is not right!

In the past six months I have personally encountered hundreds of people living with horrific adverse events following Covid-19 injections, reporting the disabilities and deaths of family members and losing their jobs and livelihoods for declining further harm. The average person claims it is untrue “because the news would report it“. Two days ago I communicated with a despairing young woman whose letter to a national newspaper months ago, wanting her story told, has been steadfastly ignored. The “news” is no longer where you will find “news”.

Media outlets across the USA (similar occurred in other nations including Australia and New Zealand) accepted $1 billion to suppress anything and anyone daring to speak against the pharmaceutical global control agenda. An aggressive “anti vaxxa”, “disinformation” propaganda machine encouraged skepticism amongst many who have searched away from state media and discovered independent outlets offering honest, diverse and balanced information.

In this report from The Absolute Truth, Dr Naomi Wolf describes the work of her research team (2,500 people) and the volunteer lawyers (250 people) reviewing the many thousands of pages from recently released Pfizer documents. These “data dumps” were enforced by court order after Pfizer and the FDA (who are supposed to regulate pharmaceutical products, but have morphed into an arm of the industry) failed in their bid to have the documents withheld from public scrutiny.

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  1. Well, it certainly would be a good thing if these jab pushers DID get their just desserts! Anyone who knew the risks, but pushed them anyways, should be charged with mass murder, in my opinion.

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