Comparing Craftsmen

This is Bill Gates speaking about his recommended pandemic measures.

Bill Gates says that there “could be” more Covid-19 variants to come. There will be. It is normal viral evolution. We don’t panic about the constantly evolving variants of Influenza. We know it happens and other than monitoring them for surveillance purposes, it’s not a big deal. The usual evolutionary process is that viruses which become more transmissible, simultaneously become less virulent (ie less harmful to our health). The only risk then, is if something impacts the immune health of populations. In normal times our immune health remains stable.

Bill Gates says “he” rates the chance of new variants having a higher fatality rate at around 5-10%. Bill Gates, who has no medical or public health training, provides zero references for this rating guess. He has also informed us that Covid-19 is “Pandemic One” and that we should prepare for “Pandemic Two”. I wonder how he knows?

Bill Gates claims that face masks help to reduce transmission of respiratory viruses. Bill Gates, who has no medical or public health training, provides zero references for this repeated claim, and zero explanation of how this is supposedly possible. The evidence suggests he is either lying or talking about a topic on which he knows nothing. Or both.

Bill Gates says that boosters (using an mRNA injection which stimulates the body to produce the spike protein of the Wuhan strain, which is no longer circulating; and which causes significant suppression of T Cell immunity) are useful. Bill Gates, who has no science training whatsoever, owns the media companies who tell us that the scientists who disagree with Bill Gates, and who give clear rationale for their arguments, are heretics who must be silenced.

Bill Gates scoffs at those who don’t agree with having their liberties removed in the name of health protection. Bill Gates provides no evidence to support his claims that “lockdown” measures are in any way useful to health protection, and that they are a “sacrifice for the collective”. Bill Gates has no training and the evidence suggests he is very wrong.

Why does Bill Gates, whose wealth sky rockets when these so-called “measures” are implemented, pause, gulp, and scratch his head, when advising that we must continue to follow Gatescience?

Dr Naomi Wolf has teams of researchers analysing the Pfizer data as it becomes available with each “data dump” as ordered by a court in the USA. Each night (it seems) she appears on The War Room with “The Pfizer Report”, to inform the public of what her teams are finding out. This is a brief example.

In severe contrast to Gatescience, there are many scientists with qualifications and experience who are independent of Big Funding, whose clearly explained evidence contradicts Gatescience. One of the best in a very long line of independent and ethical public health luminaries, is Dr Ryan Cole.

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