Where Do You Draw The Line?

This should not be happening. Not to anyone. Certainly not to anyone in New Zealand. “If it wasn’t for NZDSOS I don’t know that I would be sitting in this chair right now… They are the only ones who have treated me … They’re the only ones that have kept following up, calling me, texting me, to make sure I’m okay…“. Charlotte is one of thousands in New Zealand. One of millions worldwide.

Dr Emanuel Garcia is a Psychiatrist who worked in New Zealand until October 2021 due to the vaccine mandate. For an injection which does not prevent transmission, infection, disease severity or anything else. And which has already harmed thousands in New Zealand alone. Now a member of New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science, he discussed his experiences and perspectives on the pandemic response in this insightful brief interview. Charlotte and others suffering like her, can hopefully draw energy from lions like Dr Garcia in these ugly times.

New Zealand Lawyers Speaking Out With Science have written a comprehensive list of concerns to the Governor General of New Zealand and the Rear-Admiral of the Royal New Zealand Navy. They expect no reply, having heard nothing in response from the Ministry of Health, Medsafe or the Police regarding the same concerns. This will affect every New Zealander. The more of us who are aware, the more chance we have of stopping it. Government funded media offer none of this information.

I am not a fan of this Gates shill. Nevertheless, I hope he is not unwell and that he is merely helping to keep test manufacturers in profit. The “anti vaxxa” vaccinologists, immunologists and other scientists are saying that data suggests we are now seeing signals for Vaccine Associated Enhanced Disease (“VAED”, aka pathogenic priming).

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science

Brief History and Characterization of Enhanced Respiratory Syncytial Virus Disease

Dr Paul Offit, “Merck’s top vaccine promoter” (The Real Anthony Fauci p.72)

The Real Anthony Fauci, p.368

Last week, Denmark stopped their vaccination rollout. Perhaps because of this?

From Denmark Pandemic of the Vaccinated, Joel Smalley

Similar signals are being seen across the globe. One example is Canada.

Everyone has a line that they won’t cross. I reached mine about 20 months ago when I realised lies were being told and interventions were killing innocent people. It’s been a dystopian time as horrors continue to march on unabated with majority consent in the name of “safety” which happens to maim and kill. In New Zealand Liz Gunn is a national treasure, alongside many others including Chantelle Baker, Dr Sam Bailey, Dr Mark Bailey, everyone at NZDSOS, everyone at the Health Forum NZ, Adam Chalmers, Voices for Freedom, Silent No More, Dr Guy Hatchard, The Hood, and so many more.

On the one hand there are intelligent people who aim to inform and generate debate. Two nights ago Liz Gunn, Jono Frew and Farmer James discussed a range of issues from World Economic Forum, Prince Charles recommending masks on cows, exposure to nature as a health intervention, responding to “safety” bullies, dissent as an appropriate response to illogical rules, and more.

On the other hand there are people like this.

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