How to Manage a Pandemic and How Not To

Professor Harvey Risch, Professor of Epidemiology at Yale University’s School of Public Health gives this two minute lesson in Infectious Disease Epidemiology 101. What he doesn’t say, because his point is made so succinctly, is that the chart he shares is the “case fatality rate”, which means the number of people who died of the … More How to Manage a Pandemic and How Not To

A Plea to New Zealand’s Investigators and Authorities

New Zealanders are dying and being seriously injured. The injured are denied ACC claims and many are losing employment, income, homes and families whilst being ignored, silenced, dismissed and censored. As we have seen throughout the past 2.5 years, this is being sold to us as “public health” whilst in fact being the polar opposite. … More A Plea to New Zealand’s Investigators and Authorities

River of No Return

On 17 April 1975 the people of Phnom Penh were expelled into the countryside by Marxist soldiers claiming it was for their safety and would be only for a short time. Dr Nal Oum was Deputy Director of the Paediatric Ward at the National Hospital at that time. In this interview with Jan Jekielek of … More River of No Return

Saying No In Time

Taken from New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science: Stop the Treaty. The World Health Assembly are in congress this week to discuss the proposed Pandemic Prevention and Preparedness Treaty (“the Treaty”) and amendments to the International Health Regulations (“IHR”). Authored by Kirsten Murfitt from New Zealand Lawyers Speaking Out With Science (NZLSOS), the attached … More Saying No In Time