Stories from New Zealand

Stephen Gee calls here for action from New Zealanders in support of Casey Hodgkinson, suffering with functional neurological disorder following a Covid-19 mRNA experimental vaccination.

Paula is the mother of Morgan, a 17yo girl with heart injury following Covid-19 mRNA experimental vaccine. She gave this interview to Liz Gunn in December 2021 about their experiences.

These are just two of thousands who are suffering long term, serious effects in one small nation.

Lynda Wharton is a Naturopath who founded the Health Forum New Zealand, a growing organisation who have taken on the role of recording adverse events following Covid-19 vaccination in NZ, onto a Citizens’ Database. They also assist people in finding treatment options for their injuries and working with them for support such as challenging declined Accident Compensation Claims.

Starting as a small activity of her own, Health Forum NZ have mainly worked from a Facebook page. They have been severely censored and had their page(s) taken down multiple times. Their current page is available at the link below. They intend on having a stand-alone website in the near future.

In January Lynda spoke to reporter Liz Gunn at this insightful interview where she details her experiences working with people suffering mRNA vaccine associated injuries.

Below is taken from their Facebook page, True Stories From the Health Forum NZ. They are also active at Telegram and MeWe


One year ago i started a Facebook group called The Health Forum NZ.

My intention was to share the voices of concern from abroad, critiquing the safety and efficacy of the covid 19 Vx

In early March 2022 Facebook removed our group with a membership of nearly 60,000. One day we were there and the next day we were gone.

Our membership included thousands of New Zealanders who had experienced a serious adverse reaction to their CV vx.

We were also the gathering place for thousands who had applied for medical exemptions (due to pre existing medical conditions, or as a result of a serious reaction to a covid vx) and were declined.

In amongst our pages we had literally thousands of real life stories from hurting, traumatised Kiwis.

Stories of physical and emotional injury.

Stories of medical discrimination and segregation.

Stories of abandonment by workplaces, friends and families.

Stories of despair, judgement, isolation, rejection and derision.

We saved many of these stories.

Welcome to our new facebook page where we provide a platform for YOU TO BE HEARD…

We are here to give YOU a VOICE.

We will share your stories of:

*CV Vx adverse reactions

*mandates and unemployment

*medical exemptions declined

*medical discrimination

*any way you have been harmed by covid legislation in New Zealand.

Our aim is to build bridges not cause further division.

We believe that Kiwi’s are big hearted kind people…

By sharing your real life stories our hope is that other New Zealanders will read them, and start to understand how we became a divided nation….and one by one, move back towards the united, compassionate, caring people we once were.

We are your voice to share your TRUE STORIES…

If you would like your story to be posted please email:

Write STORY in the subject matter.

Please let us know if you are willing to be identified in your story….i really hope you will permit this (but if not we can just use your first name). By standing by your truth with your identity, it gives much greater credence to your experience and story.

It’s time for truth.

It’s time for healing.

It’s time for New Zealanders to love and support each other as valuable and worthy, whatever their vx status.

We can rebuild our land, our connection and our caring….one true story at a time.

PS: The Health Forum NZ is still going strong. Find us on:

Telegram MeWe

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