This Dangerous Bridge

I wonder how this can happen in modern day society? Most New Zealanders are completey unaware! Where are their families? What right do their families have to be heard? As a member of the public, I find it unconscionable that licensing bodies are sending messages like this to professionals working in health. “As a health … More This Dangerous Bridge

Stories from New Zealand

Stephen Gee calls here for action from New Zealanders in support of Casey Hodgkinson, suffering with functional neurological disorder following a Covid-19 mRNA experimental vaccination. Paula is the mother of Morgan, a 17yo girl with heart injury following Covid-19 mRNA experimental vaccine. She gave this interview to Liz Gunn in December 2021 about their experiences. … More Stories from New Zealand

Who is the Criminal Fringe Minority?

Citizens in New Plymouth, New Zealand, attended their city police station yesterday afternoon with accusations against the Minister for Health, Andrew Little. Those in attendance included Casey Hodgkinson, wheelchair-bound with persistent uncontrollable muscle convulsions, vocal tics, pain and other neurological injuries, following a Pfizer injection in September 2021. Police accepted the request to investigate charges … More Who is the Criminal Fringe Minority?