Messiahs and Media

Unfortunately I can’t share the link as it was only available for 24 hours prior to requiring purchase, but I recently watched Propaganda Exposed. Produced by Ty and Charlene Bollinger, described in a Google search as “conspiracy theorists” (meaning they need to be censored to protect Google and their powerful partners), this is a high quality documentary covering information from a diverse range of professionals including media, medical doctors, educators, scientists, lawyers and human rights advocates. The final episodes involved two round table discussions, which I made these few notes of interest from.

The government that can silence any kind of dissent has licence for any kind of atrocity” ~ RFK Jr

Ben Swann talks about Sovren Media, an independent social platform offering solutions to media censorship and control. Their apps are accessible without involvement of Apple and Google, who use their technology for surveillance and censorship. Sovren utilises blockchain, decentralised technology which removes Silicon Valley from social and other media. They are the first company to become a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation), which is owned by its users. “We are restoring control and autonomy to the people“.

The Editor of the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) resigned in 2009 saying that more than half of clinical research is propaganda controlled by Big Pharma. ~ Judy Mikovits

Sixty years ago the USA was the world’s healthiest country. Today they are 79th, after Nicaragua at 78. Americans take 3 x the number of pharmaceutical drugs that other western countries take. They are one of only two nations who allow pharmaceutical advertising on television, the other being New Zealand. Pharmaceutical advertising is seen during time slots including Sesame Street, which ensures capture of children at an early age. 75% of advertising revenue to the major networks today comes from the pharmaceutical industry. The evening news is much higher than that, with an average of 22 advertisements on evening news shows, 17 of which are pharmaceutical-related.

Anderson Cooper of CNN earns $12 million per year. At least $10 million of that comes from Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies. His show is sponsored by Pfizer. “Anderson Cooper is not working for CNN. He is certainly not working for the American public. He works for Pfizer. He is a pharmaceutical rep. He markets their products, scares the hell out of all of us to tell us that we need those products, and he is a vessel for mercantile propaganda“. ~ Robert F Kennedy Jr

This was of particular interest given that Cooper regularly interviews Bill Gates as a public health expert. Gates continues to push his pharmaceuticals including Paxlovid, another Pfizer product under Emergency Use Authorisation. He has recently begun ceding points that independent public health experts were aggressively silenced for saying more than two years ago.

How do these powerful and unqualified people garner so much say? Robert F Kennedy Junior answers the question in his book The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. Some excerpts, by no means doing the topic justice, include:

No credible virologist would make such claims, so how does a college dropout know that another pandemic is coming?

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