The Ministry of Truth

Plato said in The Republic: “If you can no longer name things in public that concern you, then you are in the age of idiocy“. Near the beginning of the documentary Pandamned, this sentence struck a chord with me. We live in the “Age of Silencing Dissent”. If you disagree with Channel 9, NBC, CNN, SBS, BBC, TVNZ and every other paid-out consensus mainstream media outlet, you will be silenced as a dangerous “conspiracy theorist”, “anti vaxxa”, “crackpot”. No matter what your qualifications to have an opinion might be. Never in my lifetime have I witnessed experts with deep knowledge being silenced and attacked, as has become the norm over the past two years. The US Government are even trying to establish a “Disinformation Governance Board”, to criminalise those who disagree with government!

As reported in Pandamned, in 2019, long before Covid became a media topic, a ‘Trusted News Initiative’ (TNI) was formed. A collaboration of mainstream media outlets, this initiative aims to tell the ‘right’ news. The truth we should believe. The BBC employed “specialist disinformation reporters” as part of this initiative, which involves digital corporations, world news agencies and major newspapers. Most of whom have funding connections to Big Power / Big Pharma.

TNI identified two major threats to democracy. The possible re-election of President Donald Trump; and vaccination opponents. In 2019 “anti vaxxers” were already being pronounced as a “problem for democracy”, as though someone already knew that a massive vaccine push was nigh. This strategy ensured that anyone with the skills to analyse safety and efficacy of vaccines would be immediately relegated to “anti vaxxa” in the eyes of those following the world’s most influential media. Funded by those who stand to gain the most from the industry which can no longer be questioned or scrutinised.

It is incredible to learn that Microsoft had a digital passport ready and waiting by January 2020, which was rolled out across Europe by March 2020, all in the name of pandemic safety. The connections to all of these “safety measures”, protecting us from disease and wrongthink alike, uncannily all lead back to one person and his “philanthropic” organisation.

Providing testimony to the Corona Investigative Committee at Session 102, Mark Crispin-Miller, Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University, discusses the role of the media and their culpability in crimes taking place today in the name of “public health”. An expert in propaganda who has studied the media since the 1970s, Crispin-Miller states “People don’t understand that the Holocaust was carried out in the name of public health …” He quotes Dr Byram Bridle, Associate Professor of Viral Immunology specialising in Vaccinology, at his article Fiction Disguised as Science to Promote Hatred.

Journalist Dr Naomi Wolf from The Daily Clout gave testimony at Session 102 after Professor Crispin-Miller. She is currently busy reporting on findings from a team of 3,000 volunteer researchers analysing the Pfizer vaccine trial data as it is released. “It’s an extraordinary undertaking and a model for humanity as we rebuild our institutions and knowledge base“. She describes the process of recruiting qualified volunteers for this project, including medical doctors, fraud investigators, former public servants, lawyers, biostatisticians and others all skilled to undertake the task. She then goes on to describe the results generated from this research which currently number 18 separate headlines. These include:

  • Pfizer acknowledged they would need 2400 staff to deal with the flood of paperwork associated with the adverse events being seen with their Covid-19 injections.
  • Lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), tiny hard fatty casings, are used in these vaccines to transport the mRNA. Despite knowing that they cross the blood-brain barrier, which is useful in certain situations (eg to transport chemotherapy to brain tumours), LNPs are now being injected into healthy people. Dramatically different categories of dosages have been used, Moderna used 100mcg; Pfizer used 30mcg in adults. In children 3mcg and in adolescents 10mcg are used. Moderna dropped the 100mcg dose from their trials due to the serious adverse events seen, without informing the general public who continued to receive this dose.
  • Pfizer as well as medical associations and regulatory agencies, have consistently claimed that the vaccines are safe and effective in pregnancy. These claims were based on a Pfizer study of 44 French rats who were followed for 42 days, before being killed for foetal autopsy. No (rat or human) babies were followed beyond birth, as would be usual practice (over many years) before claiming a substance to be safe in pregnancy. Pregnant women were excluded from the trials. The doctors who ran the rat study were all employees or shareholders in Pfizer and/or BioNTech.
  • A release of Department of Defense database information by whistleblowers has shown that in 2021 pregnant female soldiers, injected with mRNA to keep their jobs, had an 80% incidence rise in foetal abnormalities. One obstetric doctor working with Dr Wolf’s research team has said that he has never seen harms to pregnant women and their newborns like he is seeing now. “We are seeing a lot of reports of newborns to vaccinated mothers having a lot of problems with lactation and the babies are having a lot of gastrointestinal problems … and failure to thrive … Noone has studied the breastmilk of vaccinated women … I also note that there is a deliberate shortage of formula … I also note that Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos and the usual suspects of Big Tech criminals are invested in something called BioMilq, which is a manmade, lab grown replacement for breastmilk“.
  • Pfizer define “environmental exposure” as contact of an unvaccinated to a vaccinated person, via inhalation and skin contact. Many fact checkers have dismissed the idea of vaccine shedding, so what are Pfizer referring to?
  • Over 1200 deaths were seen in the Pfizer trials.
  • Two of the most common side effects reported by Pfizer were joint and muscle pain, as well as very high rates of neurological problems; stroke; encephalitis; haemorrhages.
  • BioNTech, sold as a German company, are actually partnered with Fosun, a Shanghai-based company whose CEO is very senior in the Chinese Communist Party. They ship 1 billion doses of their vaccine per year. Pfizer and BioNTech raced to produce these vaccines in January 2020, before anyone knew Covid-19 was going to become a global pandemic. She discusses various shareholder discrepancies which I don’t really understand.
  • As a political analyst, my conclusion is that we’ve had a national security breach. The harms are so extensive, the collusion is so massive, I think it’s an attack. It may be an attack from China. It may be an attack from the World Economic Forum. But there’s no way you can look at the Pfizer documents and not presume that there’s been a national security breach of the United States“.
  • Dr Wolf states that a white paper seen from China anticipates that people will be so preoccupied by 2030, with their health problems, that China will become a leader through their ownership of the DNA database etc.

Taking a stand against claims of “disinformation” from journalism and English literature graduates, serious medical scientists are speaking out en masse. Two years ago I was searching desperately for evidence that others recognised something was wrong. At the time I had no idea that Google search results follow the TNI agenda, which I had not heard of. I wish I had kept a diary recording how I came to find the dissenting voices who helped confirm I was not losing my sanity. I do remember that the first was Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, but he was speaking and writing in German. The second was probably Scott Atlas, after finding him through a YouTube search, offering basic information to the camera. It may be that I then followed him on Twitter, leading to the discovery of others like him. He, and many others with large numbers following them, has long been removed from both Twitter and YouTube. Today it is almost impossible to keep up with the flood of information coming from independent professionals speaking out on their topic of expertise via independent media outlets. A couple of recent examples are:

The Highwire Roundtable discussion Restoring Truth and Integrity to Medical Science, between Del Bigtree (medical journalist) and Doctors Robert Malone, Ryan Cole and Richard Urso.

Steve Kirsch interview on Red Voice Media, with commercial airline pilot Bob Snow who almost died after landing an American Airlines plane. Near Catastrophic Landing: Captain Bob Snow Speaks Out After Post-Vax Cardiac Arrest.

The weekly General Assemblies at World Council for Health. The many shows available at Childrens Health Defense. Childrens Health Defense Television exclusive interviews are a recent addition that I recommend.

Dr Richard Fleming has given many interviews, one of the best is his expert testimony under oath.

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