Australia’s Dissident Doctors Dropping Like Dominoes

I support everybody’s right to full bodily autonomy. I believe in full and informed consent for every medical procedure or therapy. I believe in the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship. I believe in the Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Declaration in regard to medical experimentation. I believe in polite but robust scientific debate and that this should not be censored in any shape or form, as this will only result in distorted conclusions and poor or dangerous application of those conclusions“.

Dermatologist, Dr Duncan Syme: suspended for providing exemptions to patients who did not want to be injected with the experimental gene technology, goes on to describe the behaviours of the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA), governments and bureaucracies causing a severe fear amongst health professionals who are afraid to speak out against what is happening. He also expresses intelligent and valid concerns about the World Health Organisation Pandemic Treaty.

Anaesthetist, Dr Jeyanthi Kunadhasan: terminated by the hospital she had worked at for 13 years. She gives an emotional plea to her colleagues. Critical thinkers have been removed from the workforce. Her devastation is palpable.

Integrative GP and Kinesiologist, Dr Catherine Fyans: resigned in September 2021 and chose not to renew her medical registration. She had almost 41 years of experience. She found the behaviour of AHPRA unconscionable. She speaks about informed consent, the Hippocratic Oath, the Nuremberg Code, psychological manipulation, marginalisation and denigration of those who dissent. And her extreme concerns about using the mRNA gene therapies on children.

Dr Bruce Paix, Consultant Anaesthetist with a 32 year career behind him: after recognising something was wrong, he tried to engage with his local MP who he had previous cordial relations with on other matters. What followed is a story you’d expect to hear happening in China, not Australia.

Dr Robert Brennan, Psychiatrist: suspended by AHPRA for speaking out. “Covid is just the prop upon which this emerging globalist, surveillance state, social credit system, technocratic system is moving towards. When they try to sell you things on “bodily safety”, on “convenience”, on “the collective good to manage pandemics” … reject it. Reject it with all your might“.

Professor Ian Brighthope, Dermatologist, with over 40 years in clinical medicine, education and translational research, speaks out. Medical doctors and experts are being attacked and medical careers destroyed due to the “massive regulation of health care led by non qualified individuals with enormous wealth, power and influence“. He speaks of his experience during the height of the AIDS epidemic, when drugs were being pushed onto patients who were dying from AZT poisoning. The distortion of health care, happening on an extreme level today, is decades old.

Dr Peter Johnstone, GP: his 50 year career ended in September last year. He describes why. Charged with giving vaccine misinformation, he replied to AHPRA that the misinformation was coming from them as the vaccine was neither safe nor effective. He has seen a stroke, a heart attack and a couple of cases of vertigo, but these were not his real concerns. His real concerns were the medium and long term effects. Since then his worst fears appear to be coming about already as immune systems are weakened after taking the so-called vaccine, leading to reactivated viruses and increased rates of cancer. Covid is now a disease of the vaccinated, and he discusses the evidence for this including from health insurance companies relating to the extraordinary increase in all-cause deaths.

Dr Phillip Altman, Pharmacologist and Clinical Trial and Regulatory Affairs Consultant who has worked with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). He speaks about his work trying to prevent young children from being injected with the mRNA agents, which are defined as gene therapy products by the US FDA, because they are not in fact, vaccines. He speaks at length about the lack of transparency and obvious dishonesty from the TGA regarding harms being seen. “Take for example the claimed efficacy of 95%. Most people trust the TGA, they trust the Department of Health, they trust Chief Medical Officers. Who are saying it’s 95% efficacious … 95% efficacious to do what? … There’s only been one study in kids … that was used to register kids 5 to 11. That was C4591007. You can look it up on the net … You will find that 95% doesn’t relate to preventing serious effects … It prevents a small group of kids from getting mild symptoms. How small a group? Nineteen“. Long term genetic effects are unknown. A laboratory study has shown that the mRNA can enter the nucleus and possibly incorporate into the DNA of cells, which has been denied. “The alarm bells should be ringing in Canberra“.

Dissident Darwin-based Pharmacist, Li Chu has also spoken out

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