Blindsiding Immunity, Blindsiding Us

The symptoms described by the woman in this media report from New Zealand are the same symptoms that I hear about daily from people with no known Covid exposure. They do however, share another exposure in common with her. That people with medical qualifications choose to blame a virus which normally doesn’t breach the respiratory mucosa, whilst ignoring the injection of substances into the systemic circulation, initiating production of spike protein and its transport throughout the body, seems difficult to comprehend.

Many doctors refuse to acknowledge the causes of harm seen in patients experiencing mRNA injection injuries. Almost daily I hear people say such things as “My doctor said I should definitely not get dose 2 but at my next appointment he had changed his mind“; or “I told my doctor that this is from the vaccine, I’m sure of it, and she agreed. But she refused to write it in my notes and said that she wouldn’t say it outside of our appointment because her licence could be taken from her“.

In this brief compilation video, played on the screen at the Better Way Conference as participants entered the auditorium, Doctor Marik and Doctor Kory speak about the inclusion now, of vaccine injury treatment into the work of their Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC). Dissident medical collaborations around the world look to FLCCC for their expertise as (additional to their Covid-19 treatment expertise), treating vaccine injury is being embedded in their care protcols, whilst health systems refuse to even acknowledge it.

Meanwhile it looks like the next pandemic is preparing to land. Just as WHO prepare to take full control of all future pandemic responses, with the consent of national governments signing us off this week, it seems they’ll be able to practice their plans on us very soon. The coincidences are uncanny.

In 2019 the FDA approved a Smallpox / Monkeypox vaccine for human use. Why? Smallpox was officially eradicated from the world decades ago, and yet it is spoken of frequently by the world’s leading pandemic / bioterror soothsayer.

The below table comes from the NT Bio summary paper on the results of the tabletop exercise at the Munich Security Conference in March 2021.

Dr Tess Lawrie, coordinating this weekend’s Better Way Conference hosted by World Council for Health, explains with extreme subtlety, why this man’s power must be resisted.

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