A Better Way

Days before World Health Organisation meet to continue the drafting, negotiating and approving of their planned “treaty”, most people remain unaware that it is happening, or of the significance of the plan to our collective futures. Two people who are aware are Member of the European Parliament, Christine Anderson and American Psychiatrist, Dr Peter Breggin, each speaking briefly below.

Actions can be taken. Panda offer a range of information on the treaty and resources. A letter prepared by Public Health Physician Dr Peter Bell can be downloaded, edited for context and sent to government representatives, expressing opposition to the treaty and amended international health regulations.

This weekend the Better Way Conference hosted by the World Council for Health in Bath, UK will feature a range of public health leaders and scientists across a range of disciplines, collaborating to forge a better way forward. At the time of writing, some virtual attendance tickets remain available.

These two world health institutions could not be more diametrically opposed.

One focuses on mandating control over the human race by a powerful minority via perpetual lockdowns and enforced pharmaceutical products fixated on “pandemics”. In other words, disease used for control and profit.

The other addresses health as a dynamic force determined by factors related to individuals, communities, a wide range of expertise and services, social, economic and political elements all influencing one another. In other words, health promoted through knowledge and capacity building.

More information is available at:

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