Conferences, Coincidences and Consciences

Klaus Schwab (World Economic Forum Chairman) and Albert Bourla (Pfizer CEO) shared the stage in Davos this week, before an invited audience. Tickets cost between $26,000 to $600,000 for the privilege of accepting the invitation.

This brief clip leads me to wonder about the value. Attendees could have spent far less and been in Bath UK for the Better Way Conference, a convergence of some of the best minds in the world today, discussing solutions to the problems these two are creating alongside their globalist collaborators. But I’m sure media patrons will use material from this discussion for their next riveting piece of unbiased investigative journalism on “anti vaxxa fanatics“.

Bill Gates is also reportedly in Davos, and used his expertise in virus circulation across global software to lead a panel on “Preparing for the next pandemic”. Gosh, I wonder when we can expect that next bit of excitement, asked the monkey to the pox while the PCR and RAT side-glanced each other innocently.

Heavily influencing large swathes of the world now, Schwab is planning a visit to Cambodia on invitation of his new friend, billionaire autocrat Hun Sen. This collaboration fills me with dread for an already suffering nation.

At the time of Klaus’ birth in 1938 his father Eugen was in charge of Escher-Wyss, a strategic enterprise of Nazi Germany. He had his own concentration camp where prisoners worked for free. Read more at Johnny Vedmore’s Schwab Family Values. Today his son states that by 2030 “you will own nothing and you will be happy“. What fun! And if you don’t agree? “Anti Vaxxa” is the new “Juden“!

Zeee Media filmed testimony from seventeen brave Australian physicians, speaking out against the aggressive appropriation of health care by this globalist agenda intending to “reshape the world”, in a two part documentary, Conference of Conscience.

Part One:

Part Two:

This monkey knows how to protect himself from the pox. Perhaps he sat in on Gates’ WEF panel yesterday?

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