This Dangerous Bridge

I wonder how this can happen in modern day society? Most New Zealanders are completey unaware! Where are their families? What right do their families have to be heard?

As a member of the public, I find it unconscionable that licensing bodies are sending messages like this to professionals working in health. “As a health practitioner, you have a role in providing evidence-based advice and information about Covid-19 and the COVID-19 vaccination to others. You should be prepared to discuss evidence-based information about vaccination and its benefits to assist informed decision making. There is information on the Ministry of Health website to support engagement with staff or colleagues and the public who may be hesitant about getting a vaccine“. When was risk removed from the discussion that health care professionals have with their clients, when discussing an intervention?!

Evidence is discussed by Dr Naomi Wolf to the Corona Ausschuss, including what Pfizer have known about the “benefits” of their so-called “vaccine”, and when. “Lipid nanoparticles are tiny but hard fatty casings that have been used in the past in very dire circumstances. Like for brain tumours right, where the risk-benefit analysis is ‘you’re going to die unless this medicine gets to the tumour in your brain’. But lipid nanoparticles are now being injected into healthy people. So lipid nanoparticles cross the blood-brain barrier, they cross the amniotic sac barrier … We’re seeing all these harms in the blood vessels and vascular system…“. Are health care professionals “following orders” (including those employed by professional licencing bodies who threaten anyone speaking out about the risks) free from implication in the harm being caused en masse to innocent civilians who have been bombarded with a multi-million dollar propaganda campaign? The Nuremberg Code would suggest not.

From NZDSOS: Read the article including background at Deaths Following C-19 Vaccination. “There are over 300 more cases like this, though predominantly featuring older people, including very obvious death clusters in some rest homes following vaccine campaigns e.g. Parkwood Lodge Care Centre in Waikanae, Summerset in Nelson, Rowena Jackson in Invercargill, and Beattie Home in Otorohanga, with some insiders alleging suppression of the epidemic of post-injection deaths“.

True Stories From The Health Forum New Zealand shared this update on Casey Hodgkinson today.

Rob Martin has similar injuries (functional neurological disorder) to Casey.

Most of New Zealand’s thousands of vaccine injured are being declined Accident Compensation Claim support. Many are plummeted into poverty and intolerable stress as a result. If you can help Casey or Rob, please donate even a small amount (details at the links provided).

Two brief examples here, of medical scientists speaking out about the risks associated with these products. Medical scientists in New Zealand are also speaking out. Recently I spoke with a geneticist working in New Zealand who stated “you cannot believe the size of these tiny babies we are seeing. I’m involved in assisting with diagnosis. We have never seen anything like this, including very strange and worrying laboratory results“.

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