River of No Return

On 17 April 1975 the people of Phnom Penh were expelled into the countryside by Marxist soldiers claiming it was for their safety and would be only for a short time. Dr Nal Oum was Deputy Director of the Paediatric Ward at the National Hospital at that time. In this interview with Jan Jekielek of The Epoch Times, Oum describes his memories of that fateful day.

The destruction was so apocalyptic, so fast and intense, that fear disoriented people who lost their faculties of thinking, reasoning and communicating. This allowed them to be herded into the countryside, where two classes of people were established; urban and rural. The division ensured an element of distrust for easy control of the masses.

The Khmer Rouge eliminated the intellectuals first, to remove those most likely to oppose them. Those remaining were used like animals to produce, working as obedient slaves in the rice fields. Children were used as spies to report innocently on transgressions. Obedience was required regardless of the level of hunger and suffering. Only the strongest survived. Mass shallow graves could be found everywhere.

Nal Oum talks about the suffering he experienced personally and observed of others, and he is particularly haunted by the children in the paediatric ward who he was forced to abandon. He made a barefoot escape on 16 April 1976, one year minus one day, after the Phnom Penh exodus. Twenty two days later, he arrived in Thailand.

The interview concludes with a discussion of the Communist mind. A psychopathy. Which stems from an indoctrination via propaganda. Westerners see Communism as removal of private property, privacy, religion, freedom and rights. Oum says that it is more than that, and talks about The Communist Manifesto (Karl Marx), which informs Communists regarding ways to seize power (intimidation, killing, destroying). Mao Tse Tung said similar.

He makes a credible case to western society that something is happening today which we should all be aware of so that we can oppose it. Something which we cannot even imagine unless we try to understand the Communist mind. In the past two years I have spoken with many people who know and recognise Communism from having lived it. They all say that they recognise events through this pandemic as an attempt to impose Communism within democratic nations, on a global scale.

Power is being planned via the WHO Pandemic Treaty and amendments to the WHO Internal Health Regulations. There is genuine reason to oppose this plan. Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield, who coordinated New Zealand’s highly unusual (pre-2020) pandemic response which saw massive economic loss and increased excess deaths in the name of protection against one disease, is in Geneva now. Do New Zealanders know what he is doing there? Would his signature on documents represent the people of New Zealand?

The Tigray People’s Party is described as a Marxist organisation. From his new home in Geneva, Tedros regularly tweets about political events taking place in Ethiopia. Has he abandoned his Marxist roots? Why did he propose in 2017, having Robert Mugabe as a Goodwill Ambassador for WHO?

Why would the CEO of Pfizer, responsible for a dangerous substance being injected into the world’s entire population largely through coercion and force and almost entirely without informed consent, be seen sitting on a stage in discussion with the head of the World Economic Forum who explicity state that by 2030 we will own nothing? Pfizer and the WEF say any suspicion about them is a conspiracy theory spread by “fanatics”. Is their opinion credible? Why have “misinformation” and “disinformation” become popular terms requiring governments across the world to impose new laws in unison?

The proposed amendments at the World Health Organisation can still be opposed.

Taken from New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science: Stop the Treaty.

Please read and share the article, and sign the petition here.

[There is also a global petition to sign at this link]

WHO To Trust? By Kirsten Murfitt of New Zealand Lawyers Speaking Out With Science.

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