The Tool of Tyrants

Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda was released yesterday. A half hour documentary examining the use of vaccines in impoverished nations. The story of what happened in Kenya reads like a foretelling of global events since 2020.

There are so many atrocious and instructive revelations in this interview (10 June 2022) with NZDSOS Doctor Alanna Ratna and journalist Liz Gunn, that it’s hard to find a quote most worthy. As well as Covid they discuss Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and why we should oppose it; horrific events in the tiny Pacific nation of Tokelau; the WHO pandemic preparedness treaty; World Economic Forum attempt at global control; the family history of Klaus Schwab; evidence on climate change; the war in the Ukraine including Azov Nazis and American bio-labs; the value of, need for and censorship of debate; attacks on food supply including four food processing plants burnt down in NZ this year; how to prepare for possible food shortages; and more. It sounds overwhelming but they are eloquent and engaging.

NZDSOS have a team of psychologists, doctors, detectives, and people to protect <parents of children deceased after the vaccine> from any threats that the government might be giving. The whole country would support these parents coming forward … When they don’t come forward they are partly responsible for any further child deaths“.

We must get this interview out to as many kiwis as possible“.

We’ve been trying for the children and the pregnant women“.

New Zealand are seeing suicides in children as young as seven years old. Four suicides per week, responders are traumatised, and the NZ government have renamed suicide as “accidental death”. The suicide numbers have dropped now, but accidental deaths have increased. Liz Gunn puts a call out for whistleblower first responders to contact her.

In the UK, all-cause mortality of children aged 10-14yo has risen 3,600% in the triple-injected cohort.

Whether you agree with Alanna or whether you agree with mainstream media, it’s absolutely your responsibility to research both sides“. ~ Liz Gunn

A psychologist friend said to me about two years ago that “the first thing you read on a specific topic, is the opinion you are likely to maintain no matter what other evidence you are exposed to“. In this regard, those “responding” to Covid-19 (partners of the pharmaceutical industry including owners of mainstream media, government bodies and health institutes), blindsided both the public, and those with public health training. The public were convinced quickly of a specified “safety for all” narrative. Those with public health training who dared to speak up against obvious mass destruction were unable to influence the narrative, labelled crazy, conspiracist, ill-informed and granny-killers. The silencing was swift and it has been brutal.

This was exacerbated by the idea enshrined into global consciousness over decades, of anything named a “vaccine” being a cure-all with zero safety concerns and unquestionable efficacy. Even as the extreme risks and negative efficacy of the Covid-19 injections are documented for all to see, “anti-vaxxa” accusations against those expressing pharmacovigilance concern have seemed louder and even more aggressive.

On the other side of the coin, there are now medical teams (even vaccinologists!) re-examining their prior understanding; awakening to the excessive and distorted influence Big Pharma and philanthro-capitalists hold over research funding, medical literature and vaccine-related policy. Many are now acknowledging the horrific treatment that the vaccine-injured have endured in silence for decades.

We’re going after Pfizer first, as a private corporation … And what the lawyers have found abundantly, is that there are civil and criminal courses of action“.

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