Marketing: The New “News”

Whilst billionaire CEOs profiting from the forced application of their products on populations have transformed into public health advisors, actual public health experts are aggressively silenced, including de-licencing of eminent specialists not following the Pharma agenda. Here, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla takes an advisory role on MSNBC who, along with CNN and other similarly captured media outlets across the globe (see infographic below showing NZ state-funded media), are known to receive millions from Pfizer and considered marketing arms of the industry.

Superficial science talking of “variants” and “technology” promotes endlessly repeated messages of “safe, effective, necessary”. If he were telling the truth then the Wuhan variant of S1 protein would not remain the focus antigen in his product more than a year after becoming extinct.

Childrens Health Defense TV have a range of high quality interview style documentaries where specialists in their fields discuss evidence, removing the need to rely on marketing companies posing as news outlets, for a range of information. Three examples are Tea Time, Friday Roundtable and Financial Rebellion.

History shows that when millions of people refuse to comply at the same time, no tyrant can really gain a foothold“.

If anything about what is happening in the world today feels wrong or confusing, last week’s 1h45m roundtable lays it out clearly. The medical evidence shared is only a part of the story. History, politics, ethics, conflicts of interest, corruption and criminality are equally central to the story playing out.

GB News in the UK offer a balanced perspective by trying to include voices from both sides of the pharmaceutical divide. Mark Dolan interviewed two industry-funded medical experts and two independent voices recently in what was a heated debate. It could be potentially confusing given the contrast between the opinions voiced.

Learning where people are funded from is definitely helpful. For example Professor George Lomonossoff works at the John Innes Centre in Norfolk, UK, who receive millions in funding from the Wellcome Trust. I will write about the Wellcome Trust soon, as their history and interests are worth understanding. Dr Amesh Adalja is an Infectious Diseases Physician working out of the John Hopkins Centre for Health Security, who co-hosted Event 201 in September 2019, a Coronavirus Pandemic simulation exercise, with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum. In contrast, Dr Clare Craig receives no pharmaceutical industry or philanthro-capitalist funding and has no such connections.

These are the same news outlets immersed in a narrative about “conspiracy theories”, “misinformation” and “disinformation”. Simultaneously they publish “news” daily, such as predictions of 88,000 NZ Covid deaths; Pfizer product stops Covid transmission; mass-face-masking stops transmission; and Covid is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. The thousands of New Zealanders now suffering serious injury and resulting unemployment, homelessness and impoverishment following “vaccine” administration are ignored entirely.

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