Galerie des Grauens

They were in the same Care Home, but not allowed to see each other.

Lawyer Clare Wills was warning about horrific problems in UK Care Homes from at least mid-2020, largely due to lockdown which resulted in staff shortages; punishing isolation of vulnerable people reliant on social contact and routine; GPs diagnosing and prescribing drugs by telephone with inadequate vigilance; GPs determining cause of death by telephone; death certificates signed off by nurses. All in the name of “safety” as residents died in droves due to an appalling lack of care labelled Covid in the absence of standard medical attention or autopsy.

On 1 July 2020 Clare Wills filmed this video of herself speaking of the experiences her care home resident clients were enduring (or not enduring, for many). Promoting fear did this to people who would never normally behave in this way towards fellow human beings. Public Health #101: never induce fear in the populace; encourage calm and common sense; provide evidence for every single measure recommended; allow debate to ensure adequate error correction of recommendations during unusual circumstances; maintain a sense of normality; maintain services and societal norms; protect the vulnerable whilst ensuring those at low risk continue to live with minimal restriction. The vulnerable were literally thrown under the bus by lockdown policies. Untold numbers paid with their lives and their health.

It all appears to be even more sinister than Clare realised, with signs suggesting a need to investigate this in other nations as well, including Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

This documentary by freelance journalist Jacqui Deevoy highlights the horrors that innocent people went through in the name of “safety” whilst being placed in serious and lethal danger.

A recent update here from medical researcher Stuart Wilkie, whose conclusions match those of Canadian scientist Denis Rancourt.

The same people who thought such extreme harm was justified in the name of “safety” are now doing this in the name of “safety” to as many people across the globe as they can force it upon.

It’s killing adults, foetuses, mothers and children and it must not go on“. ~ Dr James Thorp, Obstetrician/Gynaecologist

Across Germany, towns are displaying Galerie des Grauens (Gallery of Horror) in memory of those who have died following a Covid-19 injection. This one is in Dusseldorf.

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