Information Control

October 2019: Pandemic planning changed the entire discipline of public health, from protecting the health of the public, to terrorising the public into complying with authoritarian rule. Today we continue to be told that “wrong speak” must be silenced. Interesting days.

Public Health as Public Harm and the Next Agenda

There is a Facebook page called Died Suddenly News with over 250,000 members so far. The stories on this page are a horror show. This is one of thousands, and below is an interview with the page’s founder, Tiago Fernando Henriques. The same people who brought this to our world are trying to implement climate … More Public Health as Public Harm and the Next Agenda

When is Information Propaganda?

There’s a group in New Zealand called The Disinformation Project. Most if not all previously-democratic western nations now have similar state-funded departments whose role is to silence dissent by promoting those speaking out as “conspiracy theory groups”, “right wing extremists” and various other pejoratives which need no evidence, other than daring to go against the … More When is Information Propaganda?

Marketing: The New “News”

Whilst billionaire CEOs profiting from the forced application of their products on populations have transformed into public health advisors, actual public health experts are aggressively silenced, including de-licencing of eminent specialists not following the Pharma agenda. Here, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla takes an advisory role on MSNBC who, along with CNN and other similarly captured … More Marketing: The New “News”

Things to Reject: Division, Hate, Obedience and “Being Nice”

Throughout history populations have been pitted against each other by leaders with nefarious plans. It usually ends in profound suffering. History books are filled with it. The Khmer Rouge promoted “narking” amongst their impoverished, starving citizens, for crimes as miniscule as scavenging for food. The East German Stasi planted “narks” amongst the people to sift … More Things to Reject: Division, Hate, Obedience and “Being Nice”

Building Back Better

On 2 October 2021 Dr Peter McCullough spoke at the 78th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons. He works tirelessly, courageously, and at great personal expense, to return the basic principles of honesty and integrity to public health. Dr Rochagne Kilian, an emergency medicine physician in Canada, with infectious disease speciality, … More Building Back Better