Stop the War on Health Workers

As far apart as New Zealand to the USA, professional licencing authorities are going after health care professionals who dare to stray from the pharmaceutical industry’s imposed requirements. Whilst most comply in order to save their own skin (seemingly a very temporary solution given what’s happening to their communities), a few of the bravest dare remain true to professional ethics. This comes at enormous personal cost: reputational, financial, professional and personal.

American Maternal and Foetal Medicine specialist Dr James Thorp continues to speak out, including here with Roman Balmakov at Epoch TV on Facts Matter (the annoying advertisement at 13 minutes ends at 14m25s). This is despite gag orders that were imposed on doctors and nurses in the USA in September 2021. “The Golden Rule of Pregnancy: you never, ever, use an investigational drug, a new substance, a new drug, a new vaccine…

In America the crisis is explained in detail by RFK Junior in his book The Real Anthony Fauci as per the three excerpts (of many), below. The same level of conflicted interests exist everywhere, including the “humanitarian” NGOs who have helped to promote extreme chaos and harm to the populations they purport to protect.

Dr Phillip Altman spent his whole career in the pharmaceutical industry and worked closely at senior levels with Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). He reports here, the TGA who were previously very good gatekeepers at ensuring proper safety and efficacy of new drugs, “now, are working more or less hand-in-hand with Big Pharma … “.

Since the mid-1990s the TGA has operated under a “cost recovery” model, with all funding coming from the companies they are alleged to be regulating. In 2018 TGA introduced a new regulatory pathway called “provisional approval”, established to allow drugs to be approved for which there is a great, specific need, without a lot of data, removing the need for long term trials to ensure safety and efficacy data before rolling out a new drug onto the population. Covid-19 so-called “vaccines” fall under this provisional approval whilst being marketed as “safe and effective” when the data for such claims remains unavailable and evidence suggests they are in fact, unsafe with negative efficacy.

“The White House has abandoned all pretense that either science or public health concerns motivate national COVID policies. The American regulatory apparatus is now a naked appendage of Pfizer’s marketing department. ” ~ Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Those opposing these crimes against humanity are accused by the powers who now control governments, media, academic instutitions and licencing authorities, of all manner of “wrong-think”.

Pfizer reportedly spent more on advertising in 2020, than they did on research and development. They sponsor many mainstream “news” shows in the USA. The same news shows are unwittingly scripted by the exact same powers. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, a regular at the World Economic Forum, has accused those speaking against his industry’s business model, of being criminals.

Dr Clare Craig and Kate Wand, both connected to PANDA, speak here about medical ethics and data analysis. “Serious people in powerful positions have talked about prison sentences for people who are blaspheming against the vaccine, essentially … What we’ve seen throughout this is that the people who think that they’re right, who think they’re omniscient, have been horribly wrong, and repeatedly wrong, in a way that has been hugely damaging. And the society we used to live in was founded on these simple principles that included mechanisms to correct mistakes. So free speech is a mechanism to correct mistakes. And so is open debate and discussion… None of us is omniscient and the only way you can get to an understanding of the world, is by hearing all of the voices…

Dr. Pierre Kory: Stop the War on Doctors

The certifying board for Internal Medicine is going after doctors who dare to think differently

America’s public health institutions continue to ratchet up their war on doctors. In the latest example, the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) has launched a sudden and seemingly well-funded effort to cancel doctors like our own Pierre Kory.

Dr. Kory was one of many doctors who, in recent weeks, received a letter from the ABIM threatening “suspension or revocation of board certification.” Others include Dr. Paul Marik and Dr. Peter McCullough.

The letter indicates that ABIM spent hundreds of hours reviewing all of the podcasts, interviews, speeches, media comments, and Op-Eds featuring or written by Dr. Kory to marshal evidence of wrong-think.

It’s a wonder ABIM found the substantial funding needed to undertake such an effort. In any case, writing in RealClearHealth, Dr. Kory lays out – and demolishes – the case against him:

As a lung and ICU specialist, I have practiced medicine for 14 years and successfully treated more than 450 patients during the pandemic. Long before anyone had heard of Covid-19, I was studying and implementing cutting-edge methods to treat critically ill patients. I’m the Senior Editor of a best-selling textbook in my field, now in its second edition, which has been translated into seven languages.

For my efforts, I now find myself on the receiving end of “disciplinary sanctions” from the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM), who sent me a letter threatening “suspension or revocation of board certification.”

The “sin” threatening to end my medical career was my unwillingness to go along with Fauci’s monolithic vaccines-above-all-else strategy. The failure of this approach is plain to see, and anyone with an ounce of curiosity knows there are many methods of treating the virus.

Ivermectin is one of them. This cheap, readily available generic medicine is approved by the FDA for certain uses in humans – but not for Covid-19, despite 87 controlled trials from around the world demonstrating its effectiveness. In Brazil, the largest study to date found a reduction in Covid mortality rate of 70%. In India, the second most populated country in the world, the drug has been credited with near eradication of the disease. Studies attempting to discredit ivermectin have been debunked again and again.

Other trials, such as the recent TOGETHER trial, are designed to fail from the start to drive a desired narrative. In the National Institutes of Health’s ACTIV-6 trial, despite starting the majority of patients on treatment after five days of Covid-19 symptoms at a lower-than-recommended dose, they found a statistically significant reduction in the time to recovery, particularly among the most severely ill. Unsurprisingly, major newspapers reported that the study showed ivermectin was ineffective.

Despite ivermectin’s proven effectiveness, in the opinion of the ABIM, advocating for its usage is a form of “disinformation” and carries the penalty of losing one’s medical license and livelihood.

The ABIM notably declined Senator Ron Johnson’s invitation to engage with doctors in a public debate. This is because the organization is not interested in dialogue, but rather seeks to weaponize public health institutions against doctors who think for themselves and don’t toe the line. The problem is that toeing the line requires looking past the unending barrage of errors and whipsaw-like changes to official public health positions and policies throughout the pandemic, as Dr. Kory notes:

Despite government mandates, neither lockdowns nor cloth masks prevent transmission. They never have. It turns out former Surgeon General Jerome Adams had it right when he tweeted in March 2020 that masks are: “NOT effective in preventing general public from catching #Coronavirus” – a comment for which he was pilloried. We are only beginning to learn the impact of the societal costs of these early preventative measures, a price our children who were kept home from school will be paying for years.

Second, there is no evidence the vaccines stop Covid-19, despite the constant lecturing from the Biden Administration and the mainstream media. In the United States and globally, cases continue to rise and fall without any correlation to the pace or percentage of population vaccinated. This is not what we were promised. In 2021, Fauci said vaccinated people were “dead ends” for the virus, and President Biden declared, “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.” Today, approximately 110,000 cases are announced daily in America, where more than two thirds of the population is fully vaccinated.

There is a backlash brewing in America right now, and it goes beyond inflation rates and gas prices. People are tired of arrogant public officials and compromised institutions who believe they have all the answers but constantly get it wrong and make no apologies as they steamroll those who don’t support the current narrative….Doctors on the ABIM’s board and across the country need to stand up against this witch hunt. It’s demeaning to honest doctors and dangerous to the patients we’ve dedicated our careers to serving.

You can read the entire piece here.

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