The First To Fall

Generally most people who die are expected to die … But what is different is the number of young people dying in their sleep. Dropping dead. Within one, two, three days, seven days, of the vaccine …We have no doubt. There is something really bad going on… We’re not saying that the vaccine killed these people. We’re saying they died shortly following a vaccine. And they need to be investigated…” ~ Dr Matt Shelton of NZDSOS, speaking yesterday on The Platform.

A close friend of Steve Oliver suffered a heart attack in early June. Here he describes the experience his friend had trying to obtain adequate care in the New Zealand health system. On the government’s well funded “disinformation” department: it was the government who said that “88,000 people would die of Covid; that the vaccine is 95% effective; that the vaccine would stop transmission; that the vaccine would keep you out of hospital.  A man shot dead, but he died of Covid.  Vaccination would not be mandatory and you would not be penalised.  Cloth masks stop transmission.  This would be a pandemic of the unvaccinated …“. [Perhaps only having a “single source of truth” is a bad idea?]

One thought on “The First To Fall

  1. The people that live will surely say that there’s nothing wrong BECAUSE they lived through it, and have only a slight reaction OR none at all. – tell that to the ones that have serious life threatening reactions. 😕
    Truth is — every person is different, (ex) one headache medicine will work at a low dose while others might need a much higher dose – or the medicine might not even work at all.

    I tell people often enough “I’m not getting this vaccine or booster”, “I’m not, and that’s final”

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