Monsters Hiding in Plain Sight

It’s not been a lot of fun, you know … people are probably petrified for their careers, their financial incomes, I can kind of understand why they don’t speak out … Many are privately agreeing with me … This is dark really … I wish and hope and pray that I’m wrong in what I’m seeing, but for me it’s beyond a reasonable doubt that these vaccines are dangerous, without a doubt. And just not being acknowledged … There’s some horror stories to be told, some horror stories. And they’re just not given a space. They’re ridiculed. Shunned. Put into the shadows of society as if they don’t exist. Likewise the doctors who speak out about it. It really is dark, dark times … “.

Dr David Cartland is an NHS Emergency Department doctor in the UK. His qualifications include a First Class Honours degree in Biomedical Sciences including a year of immunology and virology prior to 10 years of medical school and post-graduate training, and 15 years of experience working as a doctor. Yet he is labelled a “spreader of misinformation” and “conspiracy theorist” by the philanthropath agenda who have told people to believe that “anyone can claim to be a scientist these days”. Which is true only of the philanthropaths! He says that a lot of doctors and nurses who are “fully awake” keep it to themselves due to potential repercussions, including those that Dr Cartland has experienced.

Others are starting to speak out, including in New Zealand and the NZDSOS Truth Project are publishing anonymous stories from validated health care workers. The stories read like a deliberate attempt at transformation into a Third World nation, where communities awash with preventable suffering meet health services unable to cope with need and incentivised to benefit from harmful practices.

The information war remains controlled (for now) by philanthropath interests, for example:

and another of many examples:

Last week GB News gave a voice to otherwise invisible vaccine-injured Britons, the hour-long feature is available here; three minute clip below.

GB News also hosted this heated debate on the use of Covid-19 “vaccinations” in childhood.

I first started to express my concern that lockdown would kill millions over two years ago. Naiively I assumed that if I could only explain why and how, others would acknowledge the horror and oppose lockdown. How very wrong I was and what a lesson in human nature the last 2 years have been.

One of the first people I tried to speak with about this informed me that actually there is a school of thought that poor people need to die-off because there are too many of them on the planet. I wonder if the person educating me on this has worked out yet, that they too, are “the poor people”, in the eyes of the philanthropaths implementing our new world order via “public health” measures to “keep us safe”?

Four cyclists have died in the 118 year span of Tour de France. In March 2022 there were two sudden medical events causing death plus a heart attack requiring AED (defibrillation), of elite cyclists in the lead-up to this week’s race. Competitors are dropping out now, with unexplained symptoms of breathlessness, weakness and pains.

I’m running out of oxygen, my legs hurt all over, no strength … There are a bunch of them in the pack, it’s the same … I’m seeing a doctor, there are many of us who have the same symptoms and who are struggling on the bike.” ~ Victor Lafay, aged 26, on his premature retirement from the race. The interviewer hints at Long Covid but he replies that despite regular testing, he has never had Covid. However, Covid-19 “vaccination” is a pre-requisite for race entry.

Dr Paul Marik, pulmonologist and critical care specialist who has treated hundreds of Covid-19 patients in ICU, gives many interviews about the corruption and criminality connected to this crisis. For example: “They’re vaccinating people against a viral strain that doesn’t exist … It’s not going to give you immunity, it’s just going to cause non-neutralising antibodies which will make this worse, maybe impair your immune system, so they need to stop lying… The truth will eventually come out. Everything they have said, from masks, from lockdowns, from social distancing, from vaccination, from remdesivir, from paxlovid, is a lie … People are beginning to see through their lies“.

Dr Marik (no relation to the chicken disease) and his FLCCC colleague Dr Pierre Kory spoke with Foetal-Maternal Medicine specialist Dr James Thorp recently, short clip here.

These injections are absolutely contraindicated in pregnancy … Any physician who recommends it, don’t believe them … It’s killing adults, foetuses, mothers and children and it must not go on.

Speaking of lies: is there anything wrong with this footage of European politicians boarding a train in public and then being on the train in private?

They must be related to this guy:

Explained with common sense by this guy:

Margaret Anna Alice is a writer and bloggerUnmasking totalitarianism and awakening the sleeping before tyranny triumphs by examining media narratives, propaganda, psychology, framing, philosophy, history, politics, language, literature, film, music, culture, and health with a focus on COVID.

She recently gave very interesting testimony to the Corona Investigative Committee, who have now heard hundreds of hours of evidence from experts in almost every field, from health and sciences to history and law. She confirms what historian Michael Parenti has spoken of for years: that there is conscious intent amongst a so-called “elite” class. Instead of claiming that these plutocrats don’t exist; or that, as the media outlets they own/fund claim, it’s just a conspiracy theory that they would cause harm and they are in fact “philanthropic” towards the rest of us; we should listen to what they say and watch what they do.

In listening to them and coming to know them, Margaret Anna Alice has coined the term “philanthropath”. She shares what she has learned at her blog, and in this 50 minute testimony.

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