Challenging Authority

This Australian doctor challenges the bullying tactics of the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency.

Maajid Nawaz and Del Bigtree in conversation here, about the globalist onslaught, telling us to be afraid of constant threats: viruses, climate change, terror threats, “misinformers”, et al. This is all in order that total control can be established. Staying grounded whilst challenging the narrative is not easy but there are enough now, who understand what is happening, none of us are alone anymore.

What does Jeffrey Epstein have to do with any of it? Joe Rogan gives us a clue.

Episode 40 of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation weekly update provides further detail into the corruption of academic medicine. The two main interviews of this episode are with Phil Harper, an investigative writer who is currently producing a documentary on pandemic profiteering; and Dr Meryl Nass, a medical doctor and biological warfare epidemiologist who has lost her licence for not following the pharma cartel requirements during the pandemic.

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