Heroes and Horribles

Emergency is the language that you use once democracy is no longer working for you … Those who want rational debate and value freedom over the promise of safety are now labelled as threats to the public“. South Australian Senator Alex Antic’s speeches in parliament have been heroic at a time of fear and intimidation.


The scandal of corrupted science, demonstrated by the Together Trial researchers, is worth understanding. Professor Andrew Owen ensured the conclusions of the Together Trial which showed Ivermectin as a life saving medication, were altered to suggest not enough was known despite its safety and effectiveness being well established. Dr Tess Lawrie’s Letter to Andrew Hill is a short documentary explaining the story in detail, highlighting the issue of conflicts of interest competing against public health interests, at the cost of human lives.

Professor Owen’s loyalties are shown above, taken from Fahrie Hassan’s riveting presentation below. This is one example of many, of the maze of conflicts between power, money and the value of human life. Good people are quick to assume human life is always a priority. Conflicted people make no such assumption. Anyone who has worked in an impoverished country, where the rights of health workers to enrich themselves reign over the rights of the sick to receive care, understands this.

The same priorities are now being built into systems across the wealthy world. Working with victims of “vaccine” injury, I hear stories daily of experiences with the health system. Many health workers are caring and dismayed, some of them speak beyond hearing of their colleagues to make suggestions which would not be tolerated (eg asking about Covid-19 vaccination and recommending against further boosters).

Others, no doubt highly frustrated and stressed in an overwhelmed health system that was supposed to be “protected” by the imposition of various experimental measures, dismiss and even mock patients. Many of whom are suffering horrifically with symptoms that are often highly visible but not easily diagnosed. Examples include uncontrollable movements, loss of movement or strength, racing heart rates, chest pains, acute headaches, seizures, muscular or nerve pains, loss of speech, inability to function properly. Yet no abnormalities can be found on standard investigations. This appears to be due to medically-acquired harm never seen before and not well understood.

Many of these people took the inoculation to keep their job, and have now lost their job due to resulting ill health. I regularly hear stories of people selling their homes, moving in with family when they can no longer pay the rent, surrendering custody of their children, divorce, thoughts of suicide, and other unnecessary impoverishment and suffering enforced on innocent lives in the name of “safety” against an influenza-like-illness. Who benefits from such suffering? Follow the money.


Professor Jay Bhattacharya and Professor Scott Atlas, speaking here on basic, authentic, unconflicted public health values and practice. They have been silenced and attacked relentlessly by the pharmaceutical cartel, yet they remain true to their discipline. “We need to get rid of the so-called misinformation. The key to getting rid of misinformation is not censorship, it’s more information. It’s more transparency. The truth prevails when people know the information“.

Smelling a rat from the beginning in 2020, Dr Michael Yeadon, former Chief Scientific Officer at Pfizer’s global Allergy and Respiratory department, speaks out constantly against the pandemic response in motion. With a PhD in respiratory research and 32 years experience in new drug development, he is financially independent now although involuntarily retired due to events of the past two years which have upturned his life.

As with every other person speaking against the Big Tech-Big Pharma-Big Funder agenda, he is “fact checked” on all Big Tech and Media platforms by paid agents with nowhere near his knowledge or experience. When you understand the conflicts of interest going on as World Council for Health are uncovering, you understand the role of these “fact checks” which have now destroyed hundreds, if not thousands, of professional reputations, careers, livelihoods and lives. Dr Yeadon’s latest interview is here.

For anyone who still thinks that the Covid-19 “vaccines” are “vaccines”, Senator Thomas Massie explains their abject failure in this five minute address to the US Senate on 27 July 2022.

New Zealand’s own statistics show that the inoculations are causing harm, not benefit, to the population. Whilst 52% of the population is boosted, they account for 83.5% of Covid-related deaths, at a rate of 6.4 per 100,000 compared to 1.6 per 100,000 for those not fully vaccinated (unvaccinated and partially vaccinated are categorised together). That is the exact opposite of how a “vaccine” is supposed to impact a population, regardless of the various testing/diagnostic frauds.

It is time to stop listening to the Horribles and turn our ears, minds and hearts to the Heroes.

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