More Heroes of Health Care

Rural GP Dr Charles Hoffe showed off his silver tongue at a recent protest in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Dr Andrew Kaufman is a medical doctor, psychiatrist and molecular biologist. In this short interview he offers some ideas for the reasons masks are “needed” in society.

Susan Michie, long term member of the British Communist Party, and Professor of Psychology at University College in London, is a central figure in the UK SAGE team. Her role has revolved around “nudging” the British population towards pandemic compliance using a campaign of terror, untruths and censorship causing enormous amounts of fear and division. Completely contrary to all basic principles of public health, this earned her the nickname “Stalin’s Nanny”. She has stated that mask mandates will remain in place forever.

Recently Michie was recruited as chair of the Technical Advisory Group for Behavioural Insights and Science for Health at WHO, under the leadership of Tedros who happens to be another well known Marxist. Maybe a coincidence and maybe not. What fun it’s going to be! Oncologist, Professor Karol Sikora spoke about the impacts of Michie’s behaviour here.

Dr Ute Kruger is an oncologist and pathologist in Sweden with a research background in diagnostic pathology including autopsy. She spoke at a Doctors 4 Covid Ethics session recently, stating that she sees vaccination as a trigger for fast-growing tumors and autoimmune diseases. She reports seeing a lot of inflammation alongside tumors; younger people with larger tumours; multiple tumours; and people whose cancer was in remission for many years suddenly having an aggressive recurrence. Many other pathologists have reported to Dr. Kruger that they’re seeing an elevation in cancers, cancers in multiple organs, and rare cancers.

Her subtitled presentation is well summarised at this Substack article by Etana Hecht.

In closing Dr Kruger stated “I studied medicine because I wanted to help people. But now it feels like I’m watching people being killed and there’s nothing I can do”.

The first step to solving any issue is acknowledging there’s a problem. Any health professional aware that something is wrong must surely speak up now. An additional motivation may be the pressure of sensing that the lid is about to blow, and having our feet on the right side of the line when it does.

In New Zealand, one way to speak out is to submit a report to The Truth Project at NZDSOS, where a steady stream of reports are being documented in the hope of alerting the New Zealand public who are being told that it’s time to take their 4th inoculation, and to have their very young children inoculated. Here is one recent submission.

Primary care practitioner: I am about to lose my job in the next couple of months as I refuse to have my booster. After my first vaccine I had palpitations and chest pain which got fobbed off as costochronditis, I delayed my second jab as long as possible and made it through albeit petrified it would happen again. My job at work consists of doing ECG’s and other clinical duties. I have noticed a very significant increase of ECGs being done for chest pain patients since the roll out and the majority relating to having had the vax recently. None of these cases have been reported to CARM. Everything gets swept under the carpet, the patient usually gets told it is “unlikely to be caused from the Vax”. How do the doctors know? But I might add the practice is quick to claim for funding for these cases through primary options. A lot of money is getting made from this. I have to say I am disgusted with how many lies are being told, I have been getting bullied recently to have my booster and fed lies as to how it would benefit me. I will be relieved when my job is lost as I am so upset with how our patients are getting treated and they are all now getting told to line up for their 4th shot.

A standard public health activity when new “vaccines” are introduced, is centralised reporting of possibly-related adverse events. This allows for the detection of patterns within the population which are not easily recognised as stand-alone events. A new or exacerbated condition occurring after vaccination may or may not be related to the “vaccine”. As such, reporting all new or exacerbated conditions (including death), regardless of personal opinion or clinical diagnosis, is a population health intervention to aid in patterns detection, rather than an individual clinical intervention.

In New Zealand anyone can report a change to their health status following administration of a vaccine or medicine via the Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring (direct link for reporting an adverse event following Covid-19 vaccination is at this CARM report). Anyone injured following a Covid-19 inoculation administered in New Zealand can also submit their experience to the Citizens’ Database at The Health Forum New Zealand. Many patients and health workers are voicing that most adverse events are not reported to CARM. This can be, as described by Dr Kruger in her presentation above, because they are convinced by the powerful messaging across all mainstream and social media, of “safe and effective”, so that many don’t even consider the possibility.

Others express fear about reporting to a government agency in the current political climate. Health practitioners have been instructed by licencing agencies that they must only promote the government-sanctioned Covid-19 pharmaceutical products and have been threatened with disciplinary action if they say anything which may be deemed negative. As such, those staff who do consider the possibility of vaccine associated harms are hesitant to make CARM reports. Most patients either follow the advice of the health practitioners telling them it’s not associated, or they don’t know how to make a report, or they are reluctant due to fears of reprisal. Many patients injured following vaccination report facing accusations of “anti-vaxxa” or “faking it”, including by some health workers they encounter when seeking care.

The Health Forum NZ is coordinated and supported by volunteers who are not under the same pressures as those working within the health care system. This makes the Citizens’ Database a viable alternative. Ideally, reports should be made to both systems.

Tedros of the Tigray Peoples’ Liberation Front? Is that you?

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