About That Unicorn

This excellent discussion starts around 22 minutes into this livestream recording. The incredible levels of intimidation that doctors now face explains why so many continue to tow the line.

Dr William Bay in Queensland Australia described his experiences in this interview. Anthony Fauci was guest speaker at the Australian Medical Association annual conference which Dr Bay interrupted. Why? Fauci is the world’s biggest medical research funder, with an annual budget of over US$7 billion which gets distributed at his behest through the pharmaceutical research world. Fauci and his powerful network are who Dr Bay, and the doctors speaking with Ron Johnson in the Crony Capitalism panel, dare to stand up to. The doctors who stood up and departed the room when Dr Bay spoke out, were signalling to Fauci and his network.

Below are a few brief examples of who Fauci is, taken from Robert F Kennedy Jr’s book The Real Anthony Fauci. Kennedy faces constant ad hominem attack but the detail in his book, and the detail of the research that his teams at Children’s Health Defense are uncovering, are never challenged.

As the world’s most prominent pandemic advisor, Anthony Fauci has provided us with some absolute masterpieces.

Dr Kary Mullis who invented the PCR test, which he repeatedly stated must not be used for diagnosis, knew Fauci well.

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