Gene-Based Vaccination: A Call to Physicians Worldwide

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi is a retired physician and microbiologist whose career was dedicated to research and teaching. In 2020 he emerged from retirement to express his great concerns about the pandemic response. Since that time he has been “fact checked” alongside so many other eminent scientists, by Bachelor degree graduates employed by the pharma-tech-media industrial … More Gene-Based Vaccination: A Call to Physicians Worldwide

Things That Are Hard To Believe

WHY ARE SCIENTISTS AND DOCTORS BEING SILENCED? Findings from honest analysts with nothing to gain and everything to lose, are being suppressed from public scrutiny. Why? New Zealanders speaking with reason and conscience: New Zealand Government on Notice A New Zealand scientist involved in analysing the New Zealand products, a physician with a background in … More Things That Are Hard To Believe


Independent journalist Taylor Hudak hosted the Doctors 4 Covid Ethics Symposium last month. In this twenty minute panel discussion she interviews three serious scientists calling for the end to the experimental vaccination program rolling out globally. They explain why they have concerns. I worked on vaccination programs for over 15 years, and sat through many … More Nonscience