Who Silences Them?

Injured New Zealander Rob Martin still has his voice. He recently made this video calling for people to join him at a protest.

[Language warning] This video appeared last week from Queensland in Australia, reported as Doctor’s Car Gets Smashed by The Relative of Someone Who Died After Getting Covid Jab!

[Language warning] This video appeared yesterday, from a couple in the small town of Oamaru in New Zealand.

This father recorded his phone call to the pharmacy where his teenage son received the Covid-19 vaccine.

Millions are now injured or disabled. Tens of thousands of deaths are recorded. The reporting system is likely only capturing between 1% to 10% of the true numbers. Most who have received these injections remain unaware that the trials are ongoing and that they are participants in the largest experiment to have ever been undertaken on humanity, without any of the safeguards that are expected in clinical experimentation.

Those experiencing harm – who took the vaccine – are labelled “anti vaxxa” if they dare to speak about their experience. They are in good company, alongside eminent vaccinologists, virologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, pathologists and other public health experts and scientists, all speaking out and all dismissed, labelled and vilified in mainstream news outlets, who are funded by the pharmaceutical / globalist cartel. This cartel have introduced new and distorted language into the public lexicon such as “let it rip” and “anti vaxxa”.

A longer feature here, on Pfizer vaccine trial participant Maddie de Garay. The trial documents recorded her as “abdominal pain”. She and her family continue to face abuse from the medical and research community who they had put their trust in. The ‘mad scientist’ characteristics of people like Anthony Fauci and Peter Hotez, using public money to conduct gain of function research, responsible for untold deaths and suffering over a number of decades, are well personified in Maddy’s own experience with Dr Frenck.

Dr Jessica Rose was prescient when she stated “they can’t hide the bodies much longer”.

Wise words here, from the British Medical Journal on 5 July 2021
Time to assume that health research is fraudulent until proven otherwise?

Health professionals and journal editors reading the results of a clinical trial assume that the trial happened and that the results were honestly reported. But about 20% of the time, said Ben Mol, professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at Monash Health, they would be wrong. As I’ve been concerned about research fraud for 40 years, I wasn’t that surprised as many would be by this figure, but it led me to think that the time may have come to stop assuming that research actually happened and is honestly reported, and assume that the research is fraudulent until there is some evidence to support it having happened and been honestly reported. The Cochrane Collaboration, which purveys “trusted information,” has now taken a step in that direction.

Stephen Lock, my predecessor as editor of The BMJ, became worried about research fraud in the 1980s, but people thought his concerns eccentric. Research authorities insisted that fraud was rare, didn’t matter because science was self-correcting, and that no patients had suffered because of scientific fraud. All those reasons for not taking research fraud seriously have proved to be false, and, 40 years on from Lock’s concerns, we are realising that the problem is huge, the system encourages fraud, and we have no adequate way to respond. It may be time to move from assuming that research has been honestly conducted and reported to assuming it to be untrustworthy until there is some evidence to the contrary.

This is from Dr Michael Yeadon on Telegram:

My sister in UK has as a friend a guy who’s a consultant orthopedic surgeon. He’s followed interviews I’ve done.

Unjabbed & red pilled, he lectures his staff who can’t go anywhere while they’re all in theatre.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, he had an in-person consultation with a prospective patient who needed a hip replacement. He checked the patients details, learning he was a senior sales & marketing executive for EMEA at Pfizer for the biological products including all vaccines. (No confidentiality has been broken here as there are many such roles).

He assessed the patient & before helping him off the inspection table, he said, casually, that he was confident that he could help the man, and that he should anticipate (& then he came very close to him, stopping face to face, less than a foot away) “that the procedure would be SAFE & EFFECTIVE”, leaving a long silence, while holding the man’s gaze.

Apparently, my sisters friend had never seen a person get dressed & run from his clinic faster.

He’s not heard from him since.



So much carnage, and for what? Meanwhile innocent and competent doctors continue to be slaughtered in mainstream media for daring to use a safe and effective drug. That wouldn’t be because the vaccine manufacturers need people to continue believing the only option is their hideously dangerous and obscenely expensive products?

Frontline Critical Care Alliance

4 thoughts on “Who Silences Them?

  1. Right or wrong —
    Here in the US, the guy that smashed the window – just might have ended up with hot lead to the face.
    It happens often enough for lesser reasons.


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