How the Science Changes and Other Comedy

We are in an information war. We are being censored. Anyone who seems to be fighting against this establishment, or this globalisation, is being called a conspiracy theorist, or labelled as someone sharing misinformation, or even to the point of being called an extremist or a domestic terrorist. It’s absolutely terrifying language coming from these people.

Maria Zeee in conversation with Senator Alex Antic of South Australia

A recent article in a mainstream tabloid rag has referred to the New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science as “a conspiracy theory group”. There is no further explanation. When you assassinate the character of a person or a group, all you need is a derogatory phrase. The new “fact checkers” have taught us all we need to know in regard to these propagandist tactics. It is highly effective when you have a wide readership via ownership of media funds, as has taken place in New Zealand with almost every outlet being state-funded. Anyone who has heard these doctors speak knows that the claim is untrue. Anyone who has heard those leading this attack on society speak, knows that this is in fact, where the conspiracy lies.

The exact same tactics are being used across the globe. Doctors who speak of the Covid-19 vaccines in any way that suggests they are problematic face the loss of their license, ability to practice medicine, livelihood and reputation. This is a new and frightening way to monitor medical practice, occurring in nations across the globe, and clearly shows that professional licensing bodies are under pharmaceutical industry control.

American medical schools were bankrolled by the burgeoning petroluem-funded pharmaceutical industry in the early 1900s. Competing modalities such as naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicine and all others not promoting petroleum-based tablets or injections as the only curative option, were relegated to the margins as “alternative”. With this history in mind, today’s progression seems less surprising. No less disturbing however. This is an excerpt of the story, from The Real Anthony Fauci by RFK Jr.

Australia’s COVID Inquiry 2.0 is a cross-party, non-parliamentary inquiry held on the 17th August 2022. The COVID Inquiry 2.0 followed COVID Under Question to interrogate breaches of the doctor-patient relationship and the regulatory capture of Australia’s health and drug regulators.

Witnesses from a range of backgrounds presented personal and scholarly evidence that was shocking and revealing. The day of questioning from 8am to 7:30pm was livestreamed and recordings of all witnesses and the proceedings are available at

Please note: Captions on videos are machine generated. They contain a number of errors. The audio of the videos should be relied on as the accurate statement of what was said.

Cardiologist and medical educator (now unemployed of course) Doctor Chris Neil, gave this calm, factual and common sensical testimony to the Inquiry. He is, naturally, a “conspiracy theorist” by today’s standards of attack. “My responsibility to my patients is always to tell the truth. Yet on March 9th 2021, AHPRA made what has been referred to as an edict. Some would call it a gag order, but it is a joint statement of AHPRA and the National Boards, that any doctors who do not support the rollout consistently in their discourse about the vaccines to patients and in the public square, could be held accountable with implications for their registration“. His story is shared by a growing number of practitioners as the disobedient continue to be identified via ongoing mandates, and thrown off-campus.

After realising how dominated we are by a powerful conglomerate of corrupted, profiteering racketeers, I’ve started seeing their intent to control society, keep us impoverished and basically enslaved, in other narratives. Enslaved seemed an extreme word when I first heard it used by financial specialist Catherine Austin-Fitts, but what else is it? Those who refuse to take an experimental medical product with no benefits and many risks, and who dare to speak against the propaganda, have their right to earn a living and practice established careers, removed. Many have been forced to step into line, and many of them have paid for it with their health as well as their earning capacity as they lose their jobs to illness and disability.

The same solutions to viral control apply to climate control: stay home, obey the government, follow specific rules, pay huge personal costs for the benefit of existing, and expect to be attacked if you suggest that the propaganda is steeped in untruths.

This one is just worth sharing because it’s so funny 🙂

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