When is Information Propaganda?

There’s a group in New Zealand called The Disinformation Project. Most if not all previously-democratic western nations now have similar state-funded departments whose role is to silence dissent by promoting those speaking out as “conspiracy theory groups”, “right wing extremists” and various other pejoratives which need no evidence, other than daring to go against the ruling class. Here’s how they work in a nutshell.

Here’s a response to Rishi Sunak who now claims he was always against the UK’s lockdown policies.

Canada’s brutality against their own citizens is one of the first to have a dedicated film. No nation is without similarly horrific material. It seems that for most, the harms will only matter once they are touched personally. At which time, as history shows, they will claim to have always opposed events that played out with majority consent, compliance, agreement and even calling for punishment of dissenters.

This man’s name is Mark Slapinski, and he claims to be a journalist and political commentator based in Toronto, Canada. I thought this was a parody. Apparently it isn’t.

Ten year olds don’t have heart attacks.

This is the second Australian funeral director I’ve seen speak out on video. He describes a rapid rise in business in the last six to seven months. “We are quite concerned”.

Dr Naomi Wolf’s research teams are showing shocking harms to reproductive health from Pfizer’s trial data. She speaks here of the media response to this information. Rather than expressing concern for and reporting on this potential public health catastrophe, the media chose a hit piece on Dr Wolf instead.

When I disagreed with a colleague last year, who claimed to a room filled with young women that the vaccines can’t hurt your fertility, she reported me to the professional licensing body. Her complaint, deemed vexatious, was that she felt angry with me for holding “anti lockdown” views. I hope that her anger oneday turns to those guilty of causing this extreme harm to society, over those opposing it.

In previous interviews (for example here), and in her recent book The Bodies of Others, Dr Wolf has explained that historically, the only times populations have had their assembly restricted, such as the enclosure of the Warsaw Ghetto in 1940, or the Marxist leadership in North Korea, has been “right before their assets are going to be stolen, or there’s going to be an attack on them“. Those recommending lockdown policies have been quite open about the fact that the purpose of lockdown has been to increase vaccine uptake (if enough people get vaccinated, then we can give your freedoms back …).

An excellent example of mixed public health messaging, which ensures confusion, which in turn ensures compliance with authority, is the UK government advice regarding vaccination in pregnancy and breastfeeding. Of course you don’t give an experimental pharmaceutical product without appropriate long term toxicology studies, to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Pfizer’s own documents state as much. The UK government’s documents also state as much in some places, whilst promoting vaccination in any stage of pregnancy and breastfeeding, in other documents and via social media accounts of people such as their Health Minister.

Robin Monotti: “‘You will own nothing, and you’ll be happy.’ How can they achieve it? Well, they need to strip people of their homes. How can they do it? They need to bankrupt people by hiking gas [and energy] prices. It really is not much more complicated than that.”

Another effective method would be to cause physical injury so that people become reliant on the state for survival. A massive iatrogenic event is occurring worldwide. Do not comply.

This is what Hegelianism looks like. They only have the power if we say yes. Say no.

Every human being has the ethical duty to articulate their opinion. The dissonant voice has an extremely important effect. It constantly disturbs the mass formation, to stop the people in the mass from becoming convinced that they have to destroy the people who do not go along with them. History shows us time and time again, what happens if the dissonant voice stops to speak out. In 1930 it happened in the Soviet Union, and in Nazi Germany in 1935, the opposition stopped to speak out. They considered it too dangerous to continue to speak out. Within six months to one year the destruction campaigns started. There is only one option. You have to continue to speak out.” ~ Professor Mattias Desmet on the bravest thing most of us will ever do. But we have to do it.

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