How Fragile We Are

Dr Peterson Pierre offers a two minute info-bite on Monkeypox in his latest Frontline Flash.

Agenda-driven domination of main “news” sources has led to a boom in independent media outlets “because people know they’re being lied to and that these legacy media are corrupted“. Dr Naomi Wolf’s latest interview with Jeremy Loffredo offers great insights into the geo-political situation we’re all existing through right now.

Robert F Kennedy Jr describes the censorship he and his organisation, Children’s Health Defense, face.

Kennedy represents his family’s values well.

Early treatment of those with risk factors or symptoms was all that was ever needed to avoid the only two Covid metrics that matter: hospitalisation and death. This is especially the case now for the vaccinated, who face these two metrics at high rates due to immune system suppression and injury, reinforcing the argument that public health has been obliterated in favour of pharmaceutical profiteering.

It has become clear that those with the money, power and agenda, thought they had all bases covered to suppress any opposition against their sinister plans to destroy society whilst calling it “public health”. Thousands of independent experts have shown themselves to have enough courage to continue doing what they are skilled to do.

Intensive Care specialist Dr Pierre Kory of FLCCC, leading the way on early treatment, hospital, long covid and vaccine injury protocols, is one example.

Dr Peter McCullough, cardiologist and epidemiologist, and one of the most cited specialists in the world, is another.

On 30 July 2022 Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, aka Sting, performed in Warsaw. As the concert came to a close he had this to say to his audience, before performing How Fragile We Are. His words are likely to be censored by YouTube, so once available at another site I’ll swap the link out.

Democracy is under attack. It is under attack in every country in the world.
It is in grave danger of being lost unless we defend it.
Democracy is messy. Democracy is frustrating. Democracy is often inefficient. It needs constant attention, constant adjustment, but it is still worth fighting for.

Because the alternative to democracy is a nightmare.
The alternative to democracy is a prison. A prison of the mind.
The alternative to democracy is violence, oppression, imprisonment and silence.

That alternative is called tyranny.
All tyranny is based on a lie. The greater the tyranny, the bigger the lie. The tyrant lies to his country, he lies to the world and most of all he lies to himself.
Disagree with the tyrant, you risk imprisonment, torture and death.
Yet that is what we must do. All of us.
We must take that risk and defend our right to speak the truth. Our minds will not be imprisoned. We must defend the freedom to be ourselves. In our minds and our bodies.
The war in the Ukraine is an absurdity based upon a lie.

If we swallow that lie, the lie will eat us.
The lie is terrified of the truth.
The truth must be heard.
And we must not lose this battle.

Masking : infection control or psychological warfare against the lower classes?

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