Radical Pandas

On his podcast “Radical“, Maajid Nawaz most recently interviewed Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra, followed by Abir Ballan, who I have worked with at PANDA, on pharmaceutical and health care industry corruption. Their insights are representative of what public health actually looks like, breaking down why it has gone so wrong.

This from Abir: “Maajid introduces me as a medical researcher. I just would like to correct this. I’m a public health professional holding a masters degree in public health. I have no medical background.

Both interviews are extremely worthwhile for anyone wanting to make sense of the pandemic response. They both describe an awakening of wrongdoing, and why this has awakened similar analysis of many other health interventions which were previously “flying under the radar”.

The WHO Review authored by Abir is an accessible and informative read.

An excellent short video here on Ivermectin, including some of the most cited medical experts in the world today.

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