Pregnant Women, Their Babies, And Everyone Else

Pregnant women and their babies, according to the pharmaceutical companies paying out to medical regulators who confidently claim otherwise, should not be receiving Covid-19 inoculations.

There is sufficient evidence to show that these products should be recalled.

New Zealand data shows a clear correlation between Covid-19 inoculations and excess deaths. The more doses administered, the higher the death rate. This is the exact opposite of what a vaccine would do.

The right to a free voice, a curious mind, and to say no to wrongdoing. These are being crushed by those trying to establish a single source of truth. Many who understand how this has panned out through history, are standing up to stop it. Others who initially went along with it, are awakening.

A reversal of trust must be happening en masse throughout the world as people realise the levels of corruption and harm we have all fallen for over the years.

Cardiologist and Epidemiologist Dr Peter McCullough: They have no place in modern medicine. I’m dropping them.

Pathologist Dr Ryan Cole: I’ve done the research, I’ve spent many hours now looking at how most of these came to market … My children had all their shots. I can’t undo that. I wish I knew back then what I know now … Would I ever get another shot from these corrupt industries? I won’t.

Oncologist Dr Richard Urso: I too, will not be getting anymore vaccines.

Death is not the only concerning signal. Humanity is being harmed. Not everyone wants it known.

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