What Mao Did

How did he do it?

Is it relevant today?

Fauci’s Red Guards: Michael Senger

Once upon a time public health protection involved people trained in public health protection making recommendations such as staying home when sick because symptoms such as coughing and runny noses are how respiratory viruses transmit; and ways to best protect the vulnerable, including early treatment to those at risk, to reduce hospitalisation and death.

Now we no longer do that because someone might die (or live) with a virus particle in their nose, which is not to be tolerated.

Now we use police, military and authorities, reporting on each other, and punishment of the disobedient, to enforce mass lockdown measures including mass testing to detect one virus and attribute it to all illness, and turn wellness into illness.

It doesn’t matter if millions starve to death as a result because every life matters. Many who starve or die of their cancers, heart attacks etc who couldn’t reach health care because there’s a terrible virus, will have that virus up their nose anyway, so it had to be done for their protection. It works so well that lockdown gets to be imposed repeatedly ad infinitum to control the virus that lockdown controls.

This was proven by China who “stopped” Covid via lockdown and the dayens of public health said it was the only way to save every life.

How it started: 2020

How it’s going: 2022

Does the CCP playbook extend to New Zealand, who are also really good at “going hard” on a virus? Some think so.

New World Maoism

With more world leaders coming under the umbrella of WEF and their public-private partnerships including contracting unwitting populations to Pfizer, Moderna and other corporations using taxpayer funds, citizens of alleged democracies should be trying to understand what is going on.

Kate Wand’s short two part documentary What’s Up With the Great Reset?, based on Stacey Rudin’s essay, provides some WEF insights.

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