A Message From Dr Michael Yeadon


I was aware of a meta analysis of trials of influenza vaccines in England & Wales, published by the Cochrane Foundation. This showed that over a ten year period, flu vaccination didn’t reduce flu deaths.

We are still using annual flu vaccinations because it makes for huge profits.

I wasn’t aware of the US study captured in Alex Berenson’s piece here, but we see the same pattern of lack of efficacy.

I expected this, once I’d thought about it.

Accepting their own proposition that severe illness & death can occur after influenza infection, there’s an obvious reason why they don’t work clinically.

Elderly people are vulnerable in this paradigm because their immune systems are poorly responsive to new health threats.

In light of this, why in the world would you expect their immune systems to respond well to injected vaccines?

And they don’t, as proven by these extensive meta analyses.

Now turn to the covid19 narrative, we should expect the same outcomes, that they don’t reduce hospitalisation or death. And they don’t.

They never could have done.

Those promising vaccination are the best way to escape the “pandemic” knew all this.

The entire “vaccinate the world” plan as outlined by Gates, Tedros & numerous WEF-aligned national leaders must lead any dispassionate observer to accept that the entire Warp Speed event had matters other than public health in the forefront of their minds.

Note well also the unanimous selection of spike protein as genetically encoded immunogen.

This was the most injurious selection that could have been made, because it’s the only protein known to be toxic to humans, both directly (eg through blood clots and bleeding, neurological effects & more) and indirectly (eg through prompting autoimmunity & suppression of immune surveillance, leading to what have been termed “turbo cancers”).

Still think your government cares about you?

Those of us with skills & knowledge highly relevant to this obscure corner of immunology knew right away that gene based products such as the mRNA versions of c19 “vaccines” would unavoidably injure enormous numbers of innocent people, including pregnant women and children.

I urge you to pass on this information to those on the cusp of waking up. Don’t waste your time on those who fly into a rage when gently challenged. They’re lost, unfortunately.

See our EMA petition written prior to any c19 product receiving an EMA & our series of open letters detailing thd growing wave of vaccine injuries in the early spring of 2021.

Many thanks

He links to December 2020 article Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon request a stop of all corona vaccination studies and call for co-signing the petition and April 2021 press release from Doctors 4 Covid Ethics, Doctors and Scientists Write to the European Medicines Agency, Warning of COVID-19 Vaccine Dangers for a Third Time.

Some of the dangers involved are discussed at the Epoch Times, with embalmers reporting that abnormal clotting which they usually see in 5-10% of bodies, is being seen 50-70% of the time since the “vaccines” were rolled out. The theory is amyloidosis, caused by mis-folding of proteins. This theory is also being discussed by Dr Jessica Rose and has been spoken about many times by Dr Stephanie Seneff.

Embalmer Richard Hirschman: “Just like the doctors that have lost their jobs, just like the nurses that have lost their jobs, for refusing to go along with the narrative, people are just afraid to speak up nowadays … I am afraid … I have to do this. I know something’s not right. I know what I see. No matter how much people try to discredit me, I know what I know…“.

This is a long interview, specific to Alberta in Canada but many of the issues are globally relevant to the corruption which health care is now immersed in. Dr William Makis is an Oncologist / Nuclear Medicine Radiologist who has not worked in six years. His highly successful but inexpensive cancer treatment program was usurped by political players including Justin Trudeau, who removed Dr Makis from the picture in order to monetise the program. This costs lives but ensures huge profits. Dr Makis has held firm to his ethics and stood against this medical mafia. He is no longer regulated by medical licensing bodies and uses the privilege to speak out, including against the horrific corruption he understands through experience; and the dangers of the Covid-19 inoculations which are expensive to human health and life but highly profitable to the same medical mafia.

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