Medical Corruption: The Golden Egg of Covid-19

Medical corruption has featured throughout human history as reflected in the original Hippocratic Oath which included a promise to “abstain from every voluntary act of mischief and corruption“.  Prior to Covid-19 the negative impacts of medical corruption on the health of populations were thoroughly known and documented.

Knowing as we do, that mainstream media are as compromised and corrupted as the institutional systems they purport to hold to account, it comes as no surprise that the latest scandalous revelations out of Israel, clearly reflective of practices across western governments, are obstructed from public awareness and scrutiny. It is also clear that people have been utterly convinced by the propaganda we have been bombarded with incessantly for over two years.

This was largely achieved by the public shroud that is the Trusted News Initiative (TNI). Dr Robert Malone summarised the TNI in his interview on the Joe Rogan Experience in January this year. He described an international media-tech collaboration formed in 2020 with the initial intent of obstructing undue foreign influence in democratic elections. They were quickly seconded by the pharmaceutical industry to suppress voices sharing information contrary to the vaccine industry and associated agencies such as WHO and CDC. The pejorative term “anti vaxxer” is used effectively alongside terms such as “misinformation” and “disinformation” to effectively remove all dissent from the public sphere. He expands further at On “Science” and Controversy: Infectious disease outbreaks require constant re-evaluation of accepted truth.

American entrepreneur and researcher Steve Kirsch, Director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, has revealed the Israeli scandal on his Substack account at Exclusive: Proof that Israel found serious safety problems with the COVID vaccines then deliberately covered it up. The multiple and intertwined practices of political, scientific and medical corruption outlined include but are not limited to the following points:

  • From December 2020 when Israel first rolled out their national Covid-19 inoculation program, their MoH did not evaluate any safety data;
  • An expert panel was employed to review safety data for the six months between December 2021 to May 2022;
  • The data was presented to the MoH in a Zoom meeting in June 2022 which was secretly recorded and has been leaked;
  • Dangers of the Covid-19 inoculations are well documented and causality between the products and injury, disability and death, was acknowledged by the expert panel;
  • The news broke on 20 August 2022, and has since been concealed by Israeli authorities;
  • The global medical, media, legal and public health communities have determinedly ignored the scandal in a clear case of coordinated institutionalised medical corruption;
  • Israeli citizens recognise the dangers and are no longer complying with recommended vaccine schedules and/or mandates (see the Testimonials Project for personal accounts from Israel’s “vaccine” injured);
  • Kirsch’s article was translated into Hebrew and published online. Consistent with a coordinated conspiracy of medical corruption, it was removed within an hour;
  • Only the top five adverse events were reviewed by the expert panel, so the full extent of safety concerns remains unknown, including cardiovascular events which ranked sixth in significance, and so were not monitored or evaluated;
  • Government censorship is legal in Israel (a concern New Zealanders should hold for our own nation); Israeli press have not touched the story and globally the only news outlet to have covered it is GB News in the UK;
  • Kirsch has asked for comment from multiple sources including hundreds of US CDC employees as well as independent experts, with only one response received so far.

Our own impressions of medical corruption and the general reluctance of many to step out of line from the official New Zealand Covid-19 pandemic response seem to be confirmed by this global non-response to the Israeli catastrophe. NZDSOS are only too aware of the harms which have been heaped upon New Zealanders. We have written repeatedly to multiple authorities and, just as in Israel, been studiously ignored, dismissed and denigrated.

The reasons for this extreme censorship of harms to human health seem obvious, and they seem far more related to the golden egg than to health protection. What does this have to do with governments in general and the New Zealand government specifically? Someone within New Zealand surely knows the answer to this burning question.

Watch: Steve Kirsch on the Medical Corruption Scandal Out of Israel

Steve Kirsch spoke about his findings, including the concerning doctor deaths in Canada and the Israeli government scandal, with Australian independent journalist Maria Zeee last week.

From NZDSOS, 14 September 2022

In addition, Nuclear Medicine / Oncologist Dr William Makis has spoken in further detail about his own experiences of medical corruption with Glen Jung of Bright Light News.

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