The Faculty of Critical Reasoning

A few simple facts which have been aggressively denied for over two years. Why?

Intensive Care and Pulmonary specialist, Dr Pierre Kory, talks of the awakening that he (and so many of us) have had courtesy of this crisis.

Maajid Nawaz gave this excellent speech about the various “wars” we’ve been told over generations, that we must fight “to stay safe”. Now is a crucial time to understand how this will culminate unless we oppose it.

One New Zealand doctor, peddling the only perspective given any airtime to the masses, says this. Not an ounce of public health evidence required. The population have accepted lockdowns and apparently they’re going to accept them again. All I see when I look at his face, and those of his various counterparts, are prison bars.

Another shows the folly at play.

Corona Sleepwalkers Swallow Whatever the Authorities Tell Them

By Dr. Emanuel Garcia
Global Research, September 19, 2022

During the time of the Parliamentary protest here in New Zealand, when the country was split asunder by governmental decree into two camps, the jabbed and the unjabbed, I chanced to meet a friend at the beach. I knew her to be a wonderful musician and, I thought, an intelligent person, and we exchanged pleasantries. Taking her question about my well-being at face value – “How are you doing?” – I replied, “Terribly. I’m not allowed to go to a cafe or restaurant, can’t get a haircut, can’t get into the gym I’ve paid my subscription to, and I never would have believed New Zealand could have become this apartheid dystopia.” 

She brushed me off and muttered something about how the jab would keep everyone safe, and so I engaged a bit more deeply.

“Since when is a healthy person a threat? And why do we need this thing anyway, when there is treatment?”

“Oh, you mean that horse pill?” she replied with a cheerful sneer.

“Ivermectin is much more than a so-called horse pill, it has been helping a lot of people ….”

She interrupted. “I’d like to see some double-blinded randomized controlled trials.”

She, mind you, wonderful musician though she may be, is not exactly a doctor. And I, though not a musician, did indeed study and practice medicine.  I broke off the conversation because I realized she had swallowed the government’s fear-soaked pablum lock, stock and barrel.  She demanded of a medication with promising empirical results in treating Covid and preventing hospitalisation what she failed to demand of an experimental, hastily developed so-called vaccine for which informed consent was, essentially, taboo. She is one of the Sleepwalkers – wilfully ignorant rather than malevolent, but destructive nonetheless.

I didn’t have the time or inclination to tell the Sleepwalker about a healthcare practitioner friend of mine who reluctantly took the jab to keep his job, developed severe myocarditis, applied for an exemption with the help of his rightly concerned cardiologist – and was turned down by the Director General of Health at the time, one Ashley Bloomfield, a physician ‘on paper’.  My friend was given the “choice” to receive a second injection, or stop practicing, by the physician Bloomfield who, when presented with the opportunity to make the easiest and most helpful decision a doctor could make, instead elected to err on the side of Mengele and Fauci.

During this Corona War virtually everything has become topsy-turvy. Doctors are no longer allowed to be real doctors, untested inoculations are accepted unthinkingly, musicians become experts in Medicine and victims of the jab are consigned to silence and submission.

This is a rather lengthy preface to my major points in this essay, which concern the faculty of critical reasoning.  Archimedes famously said that given a lever of the right length he could move the Earth. In the field of ratiocination there is an equivalent ‘lever’ which relies on basic principles, from which one can generally infer significant consequences – if one’s reasoning faculties are not asleep.  I would like to give some examples as I look back over the past two years or so.

  1. Response to a medical emergency

I won’t argue whether or not Covid amounted to a bona fide emergency, but rather what an honest response to a medical emergency should be, namely, “How can we treat people when they are ill and how can we prevent hospitalisation and death?”  Instead we locked people up, kept them apart, allowed those who did contract Covid to suffer until they reached the point of having been hospitalised and then, when hospitalised, subjected them to treatments that made them worse, e.g., ventilators and, later on, Remdesivir.  Those brave and sensible clinicians like Drs. Zelenko and Kory early on acted like real doctors and were subsequently punished by the authorities.

  1. Suspicions about the Covid Jabs

Here too I will confine my remarks to concerns purely about the Jabs’ reported method of working, and here I will concentrate on the Pfizer injection as this was the chosen intervention in New Zealand. It functioned by providing a genetic sequence, mRNA, that would in turn code for the manufacture of many spike proteins, which would in turn create an antibody response.  We were told that the mRNA would dissipate quickly, that the spike proteins would be localised near the injection site, and that the jab would prevent us from getting Covid.

I suspected from the beginning that the mRNA might not dissipate and that it in fact might find its way into the subject’s genome. I suspected that the spike protein might migrate everywhere. I suspected that the spike protein-antibody complex would create autoimmune dangers. I also strongly suspected that these jabs would pose particularly harsh dangers for the elderly and medically compromised. And, finally, I suspected that a jab coding for one particular spike protein would be obsolete as the virus in question began to mutate. I therefore declined to be inoculated, as I also trusted in the developing empirical treatments and natural immunity and health.

Many other doctors (though relatively few overall) expressed similar concerns. Most have acquiesced, either through ignorance, like the sleepwalking musician, or knowing complicity.

We are indeed in a war, and how long this war will last is anybody’s guess. Covid is Phase One of an even larger assault whose aim, ultimately, is total enslavement of subject populations to the Few who now have more power at their fingertips than at any other time in world history. Centralized digital currencies, digital identifications, biological manipulation and social credit scores under near total surveillance loom.  For most of us it’s really and truly just too hard to believe.

But if we step back and reason from basic observation and principles, this truth is inescapable.

Since when do those in Power not wield their power? Since when have they not employed every means available to increase their power? Since when have they ever regarded the lives of others as indispensable and sacred?

History is, in large part, a record of murder. We are now living in a history where the stakes have literally never been higher, within a War whose outcome will ultimately be determined by the tension between sleepwalking and free-thinking.

Dr. Garcia is a Philadelphia-born psychoanalyst and psychiatrist who emigrated to New Zealand in 2006. He has authored articles ranging from explorations of psychoanalytic technique, the psychology of creativity in music (Mahler, Rachmaninoff, Scriabin, Delius), and politics. He is also a poet, novelist and theatrical director. He retired from psychiatric practice in 2021 after working in the public sector in New Zealand.

There is no such thing as “mild myocarditis”

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