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There’s a sign that we’re passing through this. And we see what we hadn’t seen before.

Professor Dr Ross Grant, Pharmacologist and leading research scientist, chatted with Graham Hood and John Larter on Doctors With Voices yesterday, on the oddities of the Australian pandemic response.

Main points from Prof. Grant in this balanced and enlightening interview include:

  • Like so many others with specialist skills which could be useful, he has been unable to work through the pandemic due to “vaccine” mandates;
  • He presented information, including to his hospital board, on the science of these “vaccines” which didn’t support the mandates and included major concerns. The board said they couldn’t argue against the science, but that the mandates would remain in place anyway;
  • He offered to meet those promoting the mandates to debate both perspectives. This was refused and he received a written legal instruction to desist from presenting his scientific information again. In thirty years he had never encountered such a shut-down;
  • Usually WHO offer information and different countries apply guidelines within the local context. In this pandemic, every country has done exactly the same thing in lockstep, which has been puzzling;
  • Removing the right to an open discussion has allowed for a lot of far-fetched speculation;
  • NSW CHO Kerry Chant demanded 100% “vaccination” of all health workers. This is puzzling given that the mortality of Covid-19 is around the same as influenza, less for younger ages and more for older ages. He doesn’t understand Chant’s argument and has not had the chance to question her when the only real risk is to the elderly;
  • The coercion being employed is atypical of Australia which is usually egalitarian. “You frighten a country enough and people will do almost anything … I could visit my workplace as a visitor, or as a patient, but as soon as I step in there as a staff member I become extremely infectious … this is coercion as opposed to protection“.
  • It was always patently clear that the “vaccines” don’t stop infection, yet people were told to get “vaccinated” to protect the community. Australia’s two biggest infection spikes have occurred since 95% of the population were inoculated; today we continue to boost with the same vaccines used at the beginning of the alpha strain. “For some reason we’ve let go of science“;
  • The literature is replete with multiple auto-immune injuries related to these inoculations including hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, pericarditis, myocarditis, thyroid, diabetes, clotting, bleeding.
  • The injuries are explained by the way the ingredients interact in the body, such as pseudouridine, prolines, guanines, cytosines. Injected cells can translate the ingredients, multiplying them in the body.
  • One of the biggest concerns is the lipid nanoparticles, which help to transport the ingredients throughout the body. This was obvious from the start as LNPs are used specifically in pharmacology, to distribute things beyond the injection site, yet there have been few studies looking at the impact of their use in these substances. Some of the injuries being seen are consistent with the LNPs transporting ingredients around the body, including crossing the blood-brain barrier, into the tissue around the heart, the liver, etc etc;
  • Different people produce spike proteins at different levels. Grant spoke with an ex-Moderna employee who resigned his position. This scientist suspected the reason it’s impossible to determine who will experience side effects, is because it’s hard to predict which cells will pick up the genetic code and there is high variability. He argued that they should get this right before marketing the vaccine but they refused;
  • The inoculations can disrupt the blood-brain barrier and cause neurological issues, including an increase in neuro-degenerative issues;
  • Multiple boosters inhibit the immune system, which is why more shingles is being seen; but also other conditions such as Bell’s Palsy;
  • When infected with Covid the “unvaccinated” produce an immune response to all proteins in the virus. Those “vaccinated” who are then infected, are unable to produce antibodies to elements of the virus other than the spike protein which they’ve been primed to respond to. This is consistent with data showing that those who have been “vaccinated” have a 700% risk of infection compared to the “unvaccinated”;
  • It is a puzzle as to why some are experiencing severe injury following inoculation with genetic substances and others are not. The data shows harm to immune systems, including auto-immune disease and opportunistic infections; harm to blood vessels; harm to specific enzymes which can lead to circulatory problems such as increased blood pressure;
  • Australia’s all-cause mortality has increased by over 16%, with only half attributed to Covid. The main causes are cardiac, stroke and diabetes. This fits with Covid inoculation-related injury. Increases in all-cause mortality are occurring worldwide;
  • The UK ONS data shows vaccinated and dose numbers compared with unvaccinated all-cause mortality and in every age group, vaccinated populations are experiencing higher all-cause mortality. The reasons for this need to be investigated as they are signals suggesting there’s a problem with clinical interventions. Where are the investigative journalists who should be looking into this?
  • Another puzzle has been the absence of early treatment offered to those with Covid symptoms; Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and other treatments showed positive effects, so why were they not recommended?
  • Lockdowns led to high rates of suicide in Australia;
  • Facemasks appear to have no consistent benefit and are not helpful to children; they cause a re-breathing of carbon dioxide which increases anxiety; they are probably more negative than positive and unlikely to prevent infection with the exception of preventing droplet distribution;
  • Prof. Grant calls for a proper discussion, allowing people to put their expertise on the table, give journalists and others a voice, there are many people with information to share. At no time in history have we had such a global lockstep response to a public health crisis. The death rate for Covid is around 0.14%, which is consistent with a regular influenza (in a recent high influenza season the mortality in Australia was 0.3%), yet mandates remain in place which is beyond the realms of logic;
  • Illogical decisions without sound evidence are being made by regulatory bodies such as AHPRA;
  • He explains antibody dependent enhancement (ADE). “When you get injected with something, hopefully you’ll produce antibodies. Neutralising antibodies which will bind onto the infectious agent, neutralise it and get rid of it. Sometimes, people who are vaccinated produce antibodies to the vaccine, but when exposed to the actual virus, the antibodies bind to the virus and help it get into the cell. A number of different vaccines in the past have been discarded because of it“. Currently there is the possibility of ADE occurring but no definitive data yet;
  • The long term effects of young people experiencing cardiac injury remain unknown but the potential for significant issues into the future are worrying.

Dr Naomi Wolf, working with a team of over 3,000 investigators, is uncovering multiple issues. Here she shares information from an article linking four interconnected NGOs to lockdown ideology.

Dr Paul Alexander is a clinical epidemiologist, research methodologist and evidence based medicine specialist who worked on the Covid-19 Task Force under Donald Trump, which he has talked about extensively. He writes constantly about the medical corruption playing out and conducts many of his own interviews with others of varying expertise.

Here he gives a platform to Dr Michael Yeadon, former head of respiratory illnesses for Pfizer with a background in pharmacology, toxicology and immunology. It’s a challenging perspective if all you know is what corrupted politicians and conflicted agencies want you to know.

Dr Yeadon gave a longer interview here with Maajid Nawaz, a few days ago. What happened to the elderly in the UK in 2020? Who is behind this great reset?

What is happening to working age populations in the western world? Using data from life insurance companies, financial analyst Edward Dowd has a hypothesis.

The only way out of this is to stop complying with all nonsense.

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