They Matter-Not

My years in Cambodia showed me that the ruling class in third world nations, in the main do not acknowledge the suffering of the masses. Naked and malnourished toddlers playing in dirt mounds on the side of city highways, hungry and disabled villagers invisible to the outside world, street sellers hopeful of a meal for the day. Millions of them. None of them matter. Large expensive cars don’t mind driving through a crowd recklessly, confident of their impunity. Superior neighbours look on at their inferiors with an air of disdain. Offering assistance to the poor often meets with looks of disapproval as they should matter-not. [There are also many with empathy who do what they can to help].

In my wildest dreams I never expected to see the same thing happen to citizens of western nations. Yet here we are. Governments have mandated harmful medical interventions on the masses, many of whom are now injured. Bureaucrats, seemingly aware of the consequences their policies would lead to, steadfastly make zero acknowledgment of the existence of thousands of injured and grieving, many also now impoverished as a consequence, unless it is to label those trying to raise public awareness as a “river of filth“. I saw this same attitude in Cambodia many times. The dirty lower classes matter-not.

The unaffected (for now) comfortable class don’t believe it’s happening, safe in their castles and cul-de-sacs. Just as I witnessed in Cambodia. Health care workers paid huge money to promote useless and harmful medical products deny it has anything to do with the increase in various conditions they are now dealing with, be it the rise in auto-immune disease, cancers, blood clotting and blood vessel damage, heart disease or neurological injury. Even the cause of motor vehicle accidents need to be considered given the sudden collapses and deaths happening globally. An obstetrician I know, attempting to raise awareness amongst colleagues, reports being told on a regular basis when she asks are cases of pregnancy or foetal harms rising, “Oh I don’t look at the data“. Occasionally I hear of a doctor or nurse suggesting to their patient that they suspect what caused their injury. Mostly they are silent, which is in one way understandable; in another, unfathomable.

Once harmed themselves, it becomes too late, as Dr Malhotra speaking here on his change of tune, discovered via his father’s death.

Today I spoke to a 43 year old mother of a teenage boy. She is being investigated for possible stroke. Her son diagnosed with pericarditis. With noone else in earshot, the emergency department nurse said she only took the injection to keep her job and that she is seeing a lot of post-vaccine injury such as strokes and heart damage. Another young man was in the department with heart symptoms at the same time. More river-of-filth who matter-not?

The sadness some days is overwhelming. I didn’t imagine that anyone would ever plan to third-worldise those of us living comfortably in rich nations. After so much reflection on the suffering I witnessed as a bystander in a foreign land, trying to understand how it happened, how it was sustained, and how impossible it seems to raise people out of insurmountable health care debt and poverty, the degree of power and superiority from some and the level of indifference from others, I should have known otherwise.

Do not comply.

Cancer rates increased exponentially immediately after the imposition of vaccine mandates.

Institutional corruption of pharmaceuticals and the myth of safe and effective drugs, Journal of Law and Medical Ethics, 2013

Over the past 35 years, patients have suffered from a largely hidden epidemic of side effects from drugs that usually have few offsetting benefits. The pharmaceutical industry has corrupted the practice of medicine through its influence over what drugs are developed, how they are tested, and how medical knowledge is created. Since 1906, heavy commercial influence has compromised congressional legislation to protect the public from unsafe drugs. The authorization of user fees in 1992 has turned drug companies into the FDA’s prime clients, deepening the regulatory and cultural capture of the agency.

Big pharma often commits corporate crime, and this must be stopped, British Medical Journal, 2012

A lawsuit initiated by Dr. David Franklin, a whistleblower, has been settled: Pfizer pleaded guilty to criminal fraud in the promotion of Neurontin, and agreed to pay $430 million. This case is but an example of contemporary drug marketing, demonstrating that the current system–as overseen under the stewardship of the FDA–encourages rather than discourages fraudulent marketing of ineffective, even dangerous drugs. Alliance for Human Research Protection.

Robert F Kennedy Jr on the Customer For Life Business Model.

RFK Jr on what exactly an “anti vaxxaahh” is…

Dr Naomi Wolf and maternal-foetal specialist Dr James Thorp spoke to Steve Kirsch yesterday about what is happening to women and babies courtesy of the most dangerous medical product ever administered to human beings. “Chromosomal abnormalities, foetal abnormalities and early delivery because the placentas are so compromised …“. A genius way to harm and impoverish whole populations, but which would never succeed without majority compliance.

The World Economic Forum Hegelian speaks his lies.

Proof of the lies matter-not when the subject has been established as a religion never to be questioned.

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