Scientists Seeking Solutions

Dr Jessica Rose, immunologist, biologist, biochemist and data analyst, on fertility harms.

Maternal-Foetal Medicine specialist Dr James Thorp on pregnancy and foetal harms with Dr Drew and Dr Victory.

Robert F Kennedy and Brian Rose discuss the geopolitical landscape we face. For example, the parent company of Google is Alphabet, who are a vaccine manufacturer including universal influenza and covid vaccines. Anderson Cooper, news reader at CNN, receives a US$12m annual salary, $10m of which comes directly from Pfizer. A Danish study into the DTP vaccine given in Africa found that whilst girls who receive this vaccine are protected from Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis, they are 10 times more likely than girls who don’t receive DTP, to die from other diseases such as Bilharzia and Malaria, because the vaccine destroys their immune function. Vaccine marketeers such as Bill Gates and Tony Fauci refuse to conduct appropriate studies of their vaccines, promoting the “safe and effective” narrative without any evidence to support the claims.

Dr Mark Trozzi (Emergency physician) and Dr Rob Verkerk (biologist, toxicologist) on what’s going on, and the solutions being sought by international teams of scientists, medical doctors, lawyers, media and others, against the powerful corporations who currently own our so-called health systems.

The privatisation of democracy in America (happening across democratic nations as private corporations now own the agencies whose purpose is to protect our rights – eg health professional regulators and the pharmaceutical industrial complex) is outlined in The Corruption of Private Enterprise in the Pandemic Era.

One thought on “Scientists Seeking Solutions

  1. Dr Mark and Dr Rob, both make interesting listening. The grim message is ‘vandalism of the human body’, the positive message is working not only with scientists, but now the media to get the news disseminated and more journalists are getting on board

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