Resisting the Reset

Professor Richard Werner is an Oxford University trained German economist. He spoke at the Amsterdam Science Summit in August 2022 on how to resist “the great reset”. His presentation is called The Technocratic Takeover and its Monetary Core.

Professor Werner, along with other skilled banking and financial analysts such as Edward Dowd, Catherine Austin-Fitts, Melissa Ciummei, Mads Palsvig, Mark Thornton, Martin Armstrong and many others, has been busy alerting the world as to what is happening with regards to establishing “vaccine passports” (totally unnecessary for health reasons) in order to establish central bank digital currency (CBDC).

It’s only frightening when we don’t understand it, because those warning us also offer solutions, which we can all contribute to if we understand how. The centralised power being planned by criminal oligarchs wanting us to believe it is “for our safety” in order to ensure we comply, only happens if we allow it. We don’t have to allow it. Just as we don’t have to allow the centralisation of health care, removing the rights of professionals to practice their skills without authoritarian political control, which is needed to enforce “passports” for the planned removal of our freedoms.

This is a long video but the information is imperative if we are to understand what Covid-19 had to do with looming changes to the international financial system, and how we can best protect ourselves against planned impoverishment. Some of Professor Werner’s slides are shared below. “The biggest source of the power of the oligarchs is the banking system. And the biggest source of greater equality and more egalitarian societies is also the banking system“.

One thought on “Resisting the Reset

  1. Thanks for sharing the slides, I will view the documentary later. The situation is frightening how lots of rules dovetail into the population losing their independence, be it by mandates, lockdowns, QR codes, media censorship and regulatory agencies dictating health care

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