Think Like a Criminal

Plans for the new monetary system are explained here.

The global financial collapse is described by ex-Wall St financial analyst Edward Dowd, below.

When Dowd is accused of being a conspiracy theorist he agrees. He made a living predicting stock markets, which he likens to formulating conspiracy theories. He built a successful career on being right more often than he was wrong. He explains that the reason his predictions about Covid have been correct, is that in developing the skills to make money whilst recognising and avoiding fraud, he learned to “think like a criminal” which has allowed him to understand what is happening.

Multiple frauds have been committed against the general public across nations over decades, culminating in a fusion of governments with corporations and the ultimate fraud of lockdowns and population surveillance posing as “public health”.

This explains why health professionals have been stripped of their rights to practice beyond the demands of political authorities, who call anything else, regardless of evidence, “misinformation”, “conspiracy theory”, “right wing extremism”, “domestic terrorism”, ad nauseum. Health professional regulatory authorities, once independent and with limited control over practitioners, have been usurped by corporate interests, which is also described somewhat here.

Robert F Kennedy Jr explains events well in this video which I shared on 7 October. Government agencies are now largely dependent on industry revenue for their own budgets. For example 50% of the US Food and Drug Administration budget comes from the pharmaceutical industry. This has subsumed their role as a public health agency.

Kennedy is suing Facebook for censorship at the moment and his legal team are in discovery, meaning they are accessing documents which would otherwise not be seen. He has seen direct communications between Big Tech (eg social media companies) and government, who are collaborating to censor Kennedy and others, especially those with the largest influence, named as America’s “disinformation dozen”.

In lockstep, governments across the globe have published “disinformation dozen” lists and are establishing “disinformation” departments in order to malign those dissenting from their demands. Ways to suppress dissent are being explored openly by political leaders, always in the name of “safety”.

The word misinformation as they use it has nothing to do with factual accuracy. They admit this. They define it as any statement that challenges government orthodoxies on vaccines or medical interventions. So anything that diminishes vaccine uptake or that tends to cast the CDC or WHO in a bad light, or challenges their public assertions, those are regarded as misinformation no matter what the factual accuracy“.

Robert F Kennedy Jr

This is all connected to the intent for widespread population surveillance and control being sold to the general public as “for our safety”. Dowd connects events in the name of Covid, with plans for what lies ahead. We have the power to influence the outcome.

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