How To Solve The Current Economic Crisis

We are told that there are too many people on planet earth and that this is having a terrible impact on the climate which is in turn causing sea levels to rise, and increasing poverty. Apart from the usual shifts in coastal land patterns, there is no evidence in fact, that sea levels are rising. Many scientists – silenced by the usual powerbrokers – say that there is no unusual change happening to earth’s climate, despite the mathematical models we are shown which tell us it’s a state of emergency.

So why do those in power need us to believe in their climate emergency? It appears to be for the same reason that they need us to believe we’re going to die from a deadly disease with an unprecedented mortality rate unless we follow a range of useless and harmful rules. Again, mathematical models telling us we are in a dire emergency do not match real world data.

So what is the motivation to convince the whole world of impending doom to ourselves and the planet whilst offering no solutions at all to real suffering such as environmental pollution resulting from poverty, and the diseases of poverty which keep the poor impoverished?

In a half hour presentation to the International Covid Conference in Budapest in August 2022, former banker Mads Palsvig gives us an idea of the reasons. The narratives on climate, covid and international wars all originate from the same sources of power, who claim in words that they are “protecting” us but whose actions suggest the exact opposite.

Palsvig’s presentation was titled “How to Solve the Current Economic Crisis“. He describes the tiny amount of space and resources that humans actually use, compared with what is available, and offers practical ways to eliminate poverty from the world. This is the only way to improve human health and protect the planet. At a time when energy is being made unaffordable, food shortages are predicted and population control is planned via individual digitalised “obedience scores”, all of which will increase poverty and hardship, it is surely important to understand who is behind this, and how to stop them.

This is a positive, uplifting presentation filled with real solutions offering human dignity and freedoms over the open air prison we’re being told we must survive in “for the greater good”.

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