Global Health in an Age of Colonialism

Clinical and Public Health Physician with a PhD in population health, background in internal medicine , modeling and epidemiology of infectious disease, Dr Bell has worked in global health for 20 years, managing collaborations across six continents including for WHO and other large organisations. He is also on the advisory board of PANDA and a frequent author of public health articles especially in relation to impacts of policies on the world’s poorest.

Dr Bell presented Pandemic Preparedness: Global Health in an Age of Colonialism to the World Council for Health General Assembly this week. His half hour presentation starts at 6m30s. He raises issues which will impact the lives of us all.

He covers really interesting detail including:

  • History of international health conventions and the origins of the World Health Organisation.
  • WHO were established post-WW2, with the intent of protecting human rights.
  • They were funded by national governments and give guidelines but do not make rules.
  • A strong principle is the right of people to participate in and decide upon their own health care.
  • This changed when the WHO funding structure changed, with increasing public-private partnerships occurring so that now private voluntary sources offer significant funding and influence/determine spending. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation strongly direct their work now, as well as other organisations governed by private interests including World Economic Forum and Wellcome Trust.
  • The 2019 WHO Pandemic Influenza guidelines recommended against such things as contact tracing, quarantine, border closures, and other ideas which would harm society and especially the poorest.
  • Very early on it was clear that Covid affects the very elderly, those with metabolic disease, and was highly unlikely to harm anyone under the age of 50yo.
  • It was clear, based on this data, that Africa’s population, 50% of whom are under 20yo, were at almost no risk from Covid, but clearly suffer from other diseases significantly. (With the exception of South Africa, whose population structure is different to the rest of the continent).
  • Despite this evidence, media and vested interests such as World Economic Forum and medical journals funded by vested interests, engaged in scare mongering specific to the African population.
  • This led to enormous health harms by obstructing health programs such as Malaria, TB, and food programs.
  • Lockdown killed an extra 228,000 South Asian children under the age of five.
  • Lockdown led to an extra 420 million children in South Asia missing school, with 9 million never returning.
  • Lockdown led to an extra 450,000 teenage pregnancies in South Asia, which are associated with high rates of maternal and infant deaths.
  • Lockdown led to 100 million extra children living in poverty, globally.
  • Lockdown led to an extra 200,000 still births worldwide.
  • Lockdown led to an extra 80 million <12mo children missing out on scheduled vaccines, globally.
  • Lockdown led to an extra 10 million child marriages over the next decade, globally.
  • The organisations publishing this data were involved in promoting lockdown.
  • The organisations who promoted lockdown also promoted mass vaccination, with the message that “noone is safe unless everyone is safe” marketed globally. This defies the evidence (“an intrinsically stupid and dishonest slogan“).
  • However, it is a slogan which drives a multi-billion dollar response profiting the worlds wealthiest.
  • Despite the African population being at very low risk of infection and being almost entirely immune, a multi billion dollar vaccine campaign continues to be pushed onto them.
  • It is estimated to cost $35 billion to give two doses to everyone in low and middle income countries. This is 10 times the WHO annual budget, more than 10 times the annual global malaria budget, and almost 10 times the annual global TB-HIV budget. Adding a booster dose increases costs to $61 billion.
  • These are unprecedented amounts of money, whilst diseases of poverty deteriorate, but those who benefit from the covid industry are making enormous profit.
  • Covid is part of an older movement which began with the establishment of CEPI (Centre for Epidemic Preparedness and Innovation). The agenda is to identify and manage pandemics.
  • Pandemics are extremely rare. Most casualties of the Spanish Flu of 1918, died from bacterial pneumonia in an era before antibiotics. Since then pandemics have not caused significant mortality, eg Asian Flu 1957-58 and Hong Kong Flu 1968-69 had relatively low mortality thanks to antibiotic treatments.
  • Most people who died of Covid, would have died soon regardless of Covid.
  • False premises are now driving the pandemic preparedness agenda. The only reasons we will have more pandemics (if we do), is that we now have the tools to look for viruses which we previously did not have; we have increased surveillance courtesy of the burgeoning industry; and the definition of a pandemic has been altered to simply mean the transmission of any new pathogen across countries (a phenomenon as old as the human race).
  • If we lockdown with every new “pandemic” the way we did with Covid, we will compound harms to the poor whilst positively impacting those who gain from lockdown policies.
  • WHO continue to make regulatory changes internally and to propose their pandemic treaty. A big part of these plans is the intent to censor those who dissent.
  • WHO are not alone in their plans. World Bank are also planning a multi billion dollar annual budget for pandemic preparedness, with the intent of searching for pathogens and declaring pandemics.
  • The plan is essentially a return to the colonialism of 1850s, with the wealthiest exploiting the poorest.
  • The medical journals, as businesses, are strongly behind this agenda. Major shareholders of The Lancet, for example, include Blackrock and Bank of America, who also own Pfizer and most media.
  • This is something I have spent many hours over the past 2.5 years trying to understand: why are people who know better complying with this horrible, harmful agenda? Dr Bell also doesn’t have an answer, but he offers a few realistic probable reasons.

He concludes with practical solutions. It is uplifting to remember that those organising this, and making unprecedented profits, are in fact out of their depth and will eventually be hoist on their own petard.

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