What They Did to Thomas Binder

Dr Thomas Binder received a doctorate of immunology/virology before qualifying as a cardiologist in Switzerland where he has had his own cardiology practice for 25 years. He exudes intelligence, humility and gentility as his September 2022 interview with Taylor Hudak shows.

When the pandemic was announced in March 2020 he recognised that what was being claimed did not match the evidence, and contradicted what he had learned in medical school. He attempted to communicate with politicians, journalists and colleagues about his concerns, but was met with resounding silence. He then began writing about it on a blog and in social media in an attempt to inform the public of basic public health principles regarding PCR tests, asymptomatic transmission, lockdown policies and other unscientific pandemic claims.

On 9 April 2020 he wrote a blog post which was read 20,000 times in 24 hours. On 11 April 2020 60 armed officers including 20 anti-terrorism officers swooped on his practice after receiving a report from two unqualified acquaintances, that he was behaving dangerously online. After examining his internet communications they realised he was not a threat, but they organised a psychiatric evaluation. A doctor dressed in hazmat suit, shield, mask and very distressed about the possibility of being exposed to a virus, invented a new diagnosis for Dr Binder’s alleged condition: “Corona Insanity”. He was forced to take psychiatric medications and remained under medical surveillance for a period of time.

Is mental health being used to silence dissidents, doctors and scientists?

Dr Binder explains that in a situation such as now, with society divided and everyone believing their own perspective to be correct, it is important to question our own views and try to look at the evidence objectively. Trained in evidence based medicine, this was all that he did. He is a co-author in a team of bio-scientists, of the Corman-Drosten Review report which describes the multiple design flaws in the PCR test created by Christian Drosten and colleagues. He offers an intelligent and objective overview of the issues we face against fraudulent medicine. Some of his points are below the video.

  • WHO relaxed the definition of “pandemic” in 2009 by removing the need for high mortality, with any seasonal wave of respiratory virus which travels internationally, now able to be named a pandemic. Swine Flu in 2009 was less dangerous than seasonal influenza, but named a pandemic; Covid is also less dangerous than seasonal influenza to most of the world (except those already over the age of life expectancy or with life threatening co-morbidities).
  • Claims that Covid was 10 times more dangerous than seasonal flu were incorrect, as shown by world renowned infectious disease epidemiologist John Ioannidis in his seroprevalence studies as early as April 2020 (updated reference here), and even this is likely an over-estimate by as much as ten-fold due to the PCR fraud used in death attribution, which would bring Covid to well below the infection fatality rate of seasonal influenza.
  • PCR tests should only ever be a part of the overall diagnostic process, and should always be considered in conjunction with patient history and other clinical findings. PCR is not a diagnostic gold standard, and is completely incorrect for epidemiological studies which require antibody testing.
  • The Corman-Drosten PCR protocol recommended by WHO was never validated, never standardised, is hyper-sensitive with very low specificity, as well as being the wrong test for diagnosis. Used in asymptomatic testing, as promoted by Christian Drosten and WHO, it leads to significant false positive results. Drosten has a history of engaging in fraudulent science.
  • Anti-social distancing, public masking, contact tracing, isolation, quarantine, school closures, lockdowns, are all useless for healthy people and only cause harm. The only two measures which have some limited success in reducing transmission of airborne viruses are hygiene and self-isolation when unwell.
  • Regardless of all evidence, WHO is keen to use these anti-scientific processes in future “pandemics” and Dr Binder sees an urgent need to inform the public before the next “pandemic”, that these are not protective measures.
  • Is monkeypox the next “pandemic”? As with Event 201 in October 2019, Dr George Gao of the Chinese CDC, was present at the monkeypox simulation exercise last year. He reported the first 27 cases of a new pneumonia in China on 31 December 2019. This alone would justify his arrest.
  • Another significant person present at these exercises was Avril Haines, the top security agent in the USA. She is also on the board of the Nuclear Threat Initiative who ran the monkeypox simulation, which was predicted to begin on 15 May 2022 in an imaginary state called “Brinia”. Dr Binder states that in fact, the first case was reported from England (aka “Britannia”) 13 May 2022 “so there could not have been any pre-knowledge” (spoken with sarcasm).
  • The horrible side effects of the Covid-19 injections remain largely unreported. They are negatively effective (ie increased chances of Covid disease in those injected). They are toxins.

Never in my medical life did I meet such a poison before because there are many toxic ingredients, some we might not even know, and they have different toxicity, different mechanisms.

For example, toxicity of the spike protein that is thrombogenic, that may cause myocardial infarction, stroke, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis. But also diffuse thrombosis into the microvasculature that can only be diagnosed by elevated d-dimer. The spike protein can induce inflammation, production of auto-antibodies, maybe even formation of amyloidosis, prion-like things. It may interact with gene regulation.

Then there’s the toxicity of the lipid nanoparticles. They induce inflammation and may also be genotoxic, we don’t exactly know.

Then there is the toxicity of the modified RNA (modRNA). I don’t call it messenger RNA (mRNA) because the only thing this has in common with mRNA is that it is translated into proteins and ribosomes. We know that these remain intact and in the body for 60 days, maybe even longer, this has nothing to do with mRNA. They might also be genotoxic, in the way that after reverse transcription they might be inserted into our genome, into our DNA.

And then on top of that, there is the auto-immune like reaction against the spike-producing cells.

To explain this so that every lay person can understand, imagine: already the idea to inject the construction plan for a protein foreign to the body, into the body, without having any control about where it is produced and in what amount, is totally insane! This might differ considerably between individuals … On top of that, choose the toxic spike protein, packaging it in toxic lipid nanoparticles and choose a modRNA that is also toxic itself, this is the apex of insanity.

This, every lay person can imagine and even understand, but most doctors do not want to”.

  • The huge number of athletes, other people, journalists in studios, collapsing and dying, should be raising eyebrows.
  • He describes the mechanism of the modRNA injections, and compares the presence of spike protein to that which occurs in the most serious Covid disease cases, who experience thrombogenicity (blood clotting problems).
  • The most toxic part of Covid is the spike protein. Choosing it as the vaccine target protein was insane. When the immune system recognises spike protein on the host cells, it attacks them as foreign, which causes inflammation at the site, so if it occurs in a heart cell, inflammation of the heart occurs (myocarditis); if it occurs in a liver cell, liver inflammation (hepatitis) occurs, etc.
  • Many experts, such as the Chairman of the Swiss Vaccine Commission, who are advising on vaccination, continue to claim that the injection stays in the muscle. However this is untrue as the substances distribute throughout the body, which is why so many adverse effects are seen.
  • That these injections are not forbidden already is unbelievable“.
  • It is possible that many doctors and others in the public health industry genuinely do not realise how dangerous these substances are. Most are totally brainwashed. As a doctor you work a lot, so you put your trust in the authorities and drug regulators to provide you with honest advice. Dr Binder thinks that many genuinely believe the simplistic advice they are being given, although once the substances were recommended for children, surely most would realise a problem is a-foot?
  • modRNA vaccines can be produced much more rapidly than traditional vaccines, so it seems the industry wants to replace all vaccines with this technology (and use them for other treatments), and because they are all fairly identical, those involved are suggesting that regulatory control can be discarded. This is completely wrong because the toxicity in every modRNA injection will be the same, so all RNA injections must be stopped until much more is known about them.
  • Analysis of the SARS-CoV-II genome show clearly that it is a laboratory-generated virus. Some of the sequences seen in the spike protein resemble the surface of HIV. This can induce anti-HIV antibodies depending on the test used, but these people are not HIV+, it is only the test which is positive without the HIV virus being present, only parts of it (another example of the problem of PCR testing). This could create an illusion of an HIV pandemic. Monkeypox is also touted, which could be confused with shingles, which is being seen in high rates amongst modRNA-injected populations.
  • All future epidemics must be investigated closely due to the fraudulent science being used to convince the global population that they are at risk of disease, in order to impose ongoing restrictions.
  • Masks are not only ineffective against Covid-19 in healthy people. They may offer some source control protection in the right circumstances. They are also potentially dangerous, as discussed in recent research such as “the Foegen Effect” and Carbon dioxide rises in children and many other peer reviewed studies. Dr Binder highlights a publication by Tony Fauci, suggesting that secondary bacterial infection was the cause of high mortality during the 1918 Spanish Influenza. The risks of masks, which were commonly worn at that time, could well have contributed.
  • Dr Binder explains the misattribution of other diagnoses as Covid by the fraudulent PCR test. He shows it via intensive care occupancy monitoring in Zurich. He describes the false positivity of Covid testing: a test specificity of 98.6% means 1.4% of tests will give a false positive result at anytime. On the background of no circulating virus, eg during summer, all positive results will be false. This is a complicated concept, and even “experts” don’t always understand the connection between test specificity and virus prevalence. The graph shows that when Covid prevalence increases during winter, non-Covid ICU admissions (eg heart attacks, strokes, injuries) which are not influenced by season, reduce concurrently at the exact same rate, with the total ICU admissions remaining stable, which was the case for most of the world [with a few exceptions eg New York and Italy at the time the pandemic was announced by Tedros]. It is as though Covid cures all other diagnoses, which it obviously does not, and this is the result of fraudulent testing/diagnostic protocols.
  • Dr Binder also reviews a graph from Israel showing that all-cause mortality is correlated with rollout of the injections. This could be coincidence (which is more unlikely the more often it happens), but it needs to be investigated. Why is excess mortality increasing when a milder variant is circulating, and when most of the population is allegedly “protected” by the “vaccine”? In normal times, these patterns would be reason to stop the injections until investigations could take place.
  • Dr Binder then discusses the mentality of those in power who are coordinating these events. As a young student he was fascinated with how the entire country of Germany was swept up in an evil regime during the Nazi era. Some years ago he discovered Robert D. Hare, a Canadian psychologist who studied hard core prisoners and created the concept of psychopathy. “Psychopaths are people without empathy, without remorse, are just programmed on maximising their self-interest. Once you realise this you can understand the world better“. Good people will normally never kill another person, but psychopaths can convince empathetic people to kill by playing on their emotion. In the age of Nazism, psychopaths occupied almost all of the powerful positions. They are 2% of the population, and have always dominated the 98%. In ancient times they wore crowns; today they are multi-billionaires. Most people would never become billionaires, as (with few exceptions), we would give our money to those in need before we became that rich.
  • Everyone involves themselves in conspiracies which is basically just networking, colluding and augmenting their own benefit. Billionaires are as likely as anyone to engage in conspiracies. Robert Hare wrote two books: “Without Conscience” and “Snakes in Suits” in which he explained that most people don’t realise psychopaths can exist outside of high security prisons, and will refuse to believe that evil people exist. In fact, psychopaths occupy most positions of power. They do not necessarily commit evil acts. Most people who collaborate with psychopathic conspiracies, remain unaware and will engage for self-interest purposes such as earning money, enjoying prestige, etc. As long as the media are controlled by those in power, no matter how nonsensical, then total narrative control can remain in place and most people can remain convinced of nonsense.
  • Solutions for avoiding further pandemic harms are to gravitate towards those who understand what is happening and who share your values and ideals. Such crowds of brave, intelligent, empathetic people have never connected in the ways that are happening today due to this crisis. This is an opponent that those in power and creating the chaos have never faced before. Remain positive. If you have taken the injection, do not despair: just refuse to take further doses. Refuse to let the injections into children and unborn children. Only the populace can end this crisis.

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