The Most Suppressed Book, The Most Important Story, Now A Feature Documentary

Despite being aggressively censored, The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F Kennedy Jr is a New York Times best seller with over a million copies sold. A review of the book is available at this link.

RFK Jr himself speaks throughout the movie, as do many eminent public health experts who consulted Kennedy during his writing of the book. A story evolves of authentic health science abducted some decades ago, by a lupara bianca system of research ensuring profit and power over truth.

Summarising details from the book, the documentary outlines a clear timeline of pandemic-related events, the impact they had and are having on individuals and societies, linking the main individuals and organisations influencing them.

This is the most important story of our generation.

A brief excerpt here from the book, shows the kind of behaviour Fauci has engaged in and perfected over decades.

The media’s complicity is explained well by Kennedy in the short clip below. This is the case for media outlets across the globe. Government spokespeople push fear with dishonest and pseudo-scientific claims, via unquestioned monopoly of state-funded mainstream outlets which has captured public audiences. Simultaneously, many far better qualified to speak on the subject, who offer a well-informed perspective involving hidden or correcting distorted detail, are severely silenced, dismissed and ridiculed. This has been seen time and again in the past two years, from the idea of lockdown-related measures being a public health intervention, to the all-out attack on safe and cheap treatments, the intense propaganda for lucrative experimental and dangerous pharmaceutical products marketed as “vaccines” and the equally intense neglect and scorn heaped on those who question, refuse and/or have been injured.

This is a criminal cartel of magnitude the world has never seen. Standing on the right side of history has never been so critical to the survival and integrity of the human race and of our own souls.

Watch The Real Anthony Fauci here:

2 thoughts on “The Most Suppressed Book, The Most Important Story, Now A Feature Documentary

  1. It makes me want to vomit, thinking that they get away with this behaviour. All in the name of ‘science’. And we know everything in the book is true because nobody has set any defamation legal proceedings against JFK jnr.

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