Complicated Collusions and Preposterous Pregnancy Promotions

After describing the pharmaceutical-governmental corruption which has taken place in the European Union in a short video recently, Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakušić addressed the European Parliament in this piercing critique of the uselessness of the pharmaceutical products foisted on innocent citizens.

Doctors refuse to discuss what they know; nurses who dare to speak lose their jobs.

Dr James Thorp is an Obstetrician-Gynaecologist and Maternal-Foetal Medicine Specialist in Florida, USA. He gave an interview with New Zealand’s Counterspin Media two days ago. Counterspin started the interview by sharing a video of Dr Nikki Turner making various confident claims about Covid-19 inoculations including recommending them in pregnancy.

Dr Thorp responds with an offer to meet Dr Turner to debate the issue. He states emphatically that everything she said in her short video was false, reminds her about crimes carried out by physicians involved in the Third Reich and suggests she needs to face civil and criminal litigation. He makes the following points:

  • Pregnant women have almost half the risk of severe morbidity or death from Covid-19, compared with non-pregnant women;
  • The golden rule of pregnancy: never give investigational substances, even natural supplements, in pregnancy;
  • The Covid-19 “vaccines” offer no protection and the presence of detectable “antibodies” do nothing other than provide a false marker for immunity, used by pharmaceutical companies to promote their highly profitable products. He delivers a basic immunology lesson for Dr Turner in this regard;
  • There are effective and cheap early treatments which are safe in pregnancy but which are aggressively targeted in a pharmaceutical censorship campaign;
  • The Covid-19 “vaccines” are extraordinarily dangerous, responsible for killing and maiming millions of people worldwide, increasing the numbers of deaths already caused by the restriction of safe and effective early treatments;
  • The C-19 “vaccines” place people at risk of repeat Covid-19 disease;
  • When Hurricane Ian came through Florida last month President Biden told Americans that the way to stay safe would be to rush out and get a Covid-19 vaccine. Dr Thorp offers a clear and humorous opinion on this absurdity;
  • Dr Thorp speaks to Dr Turner as though she is a pharmaceutical representative. New Zealand has an embedded pharma industry, engaged in Pfizer’s marketing program involving fear, dishonest data interpretation and product promotion, media capture, dismissal and intimidation of anyone who dares to dissent. International attention such as that from Dr Thorp may help break the chain of deception harming innocent people.

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